‘Parking Ticket’


This post is not to put down Filipinos in any way because, first and foremost, I am a Filipino and we are one of the best English speakers and writers in the world.  But I just can’t understand why some of us still choose to be mediocre and allow others to laugh at us.

I was in the famous Intramuros, Manila last Saturday for a wedding at the centuries-old San Agustin Church (a popular wedding venue) and ate at a fast food restaurant beside the Intendencia Ruins and Plaza España.  My friend and I parked in front of the restaurant and were given a parking ticket.  And O-M-G!  We were shocked, ashamed somehow and laughed very hard! (who could otherwise?)  Just read….


I suppose the printer did not proofread or the contents were just foolishly copied from another parking ticket or the original contents were in a foreign language (Chinese or Malay) and were loosely translated. I was very confused when I first read the ticket and I couldn’t even understand what it’s saying.  We paid nevertheless and was even inclined to ask the attendant about the parking operator and the printer but decided not to proceed with it anymore.



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