‘Major Major’ feat for Venus Raj!


Although a little bit disappointed, I am nevertheless proud of Maria Venus Raj, the Philippines’ official representative to the Miss Universe 2010 held in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The coronation pageant was held yesterday and was telecast live and seen by millions all over the world from which Miss Mexico Jimena Navarette emerged as the new ‘queen of the universe’.

And I echo the most retweeted update I’ve read in Twitter yesterday: It took one man to bring the country to shame; let one woman bring back its flame. And Venus did bring back that flame and even overshadowed the bad news about the hostage crisis that happened a day prior to her triumph. It was a ‘major major’ (translated in Filipino as “bonggang bongga“) feat for her, as it is, and for every Filipino as a whole.

Yes, I am still disappointed. But not really with Venus’ performance in the pageant. She was in fact simply stunning and gorgeous as she catwalk her way to the Top 5 with which I am VERY SURE that every Filipino watching the pageant were proud of.

I am proud of her. But I am actually very disappointed with how Filipinos would ridicule, make fun of and pull down somebody who just made our country proud. Yes, she blew her chance with her answer in the final round of interviews but whoever would stand in front of a huge crowd and can be seen by millions around the world would certainly be very nervous – “Alam mo kasi pag nasa stage ka, may ganoon akong, ewan ko ba, may ganoon akong sakit sa katawan ko na pag nasa stage na ako hindi ko alam ang sinasabi ko (You know, if I am on the stage, I have this sense that I am not aware of what I am saying),” as she admitted.

Enough said. This is the positive reality: since 1999 when Miriam Quiambao placed second to Miss Botswana the Miss Universe, Venus’ fifth place finish is one hell of great feat. I hope in the next few years, if not next year, BB Pilipinas would choose somebody to bring home the crown for us.



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