The Worst Teacher I Ever Had


Oh! So this will be my first Plinky answer to a Plinky prompt.

I ought to describe the worst teacher I ever had but I don’t think I had the worst. Most of my teachers since grade school are flawed as in any other human being. I had a professor in college who went to class drunk but the following is one of those most memorable experience with my teachers.

My most memorable ‘teacher-encounter’ was when I was in my last year of grade school and with my class adviser. The top ten students of the graduating class had the privilege of taking the PSHS (Philippine Science High School) entrance exams. We were six who finally took the first round of exams. I did not expect anything out of the endeavor since I was unprepared and did not review. Besides, I really thought then that my knowledge and training from my school were below the standards of PSHS.

True to my expectations, I never heard about the exams, of who passed and should move on to the next round of exams or who failed. I thought I failed. So I really thought I failed until a few days before my graduation when my first grade teacher told me that I actually passed the exams along with our class’s second honorable mention. What happened was my class adviser withheld the information from us since our valedictorian did not make it.

That was plain favoritism and totally wrong! And we know that our valedictorian’s mother, who’s also a teacher in another school, pulled some strings. Politics!

Our grade school valedictorian and I went also to the same high school and I’ve beaten her in academics. I almost finished a valedictorian then. Well, I got some motivation from the incident and I vowed to myself in high school that I would beat her. Competitive, huh?

So who’s your worst teacher? C’mon, share! 🙂

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