Charice IN Glee!


This is the latest news (posted June 21, 2010) on her official website: Charice on Glee next season (2).

I was a bit cynical about this news when I heard it on my favorite local TV morning show earlier today. A few weeks ago, Charice denied the ‘rumor’ her Philippine manager brought out that she’ll be joining Glee next season. Now she confirmed that she auditioned and was accepted. All via Twitter.

The scoop however got in exclusively via, obviously ahead of Charice’s tweet.

But most people are worrying about (including me) is her acting. She can be compared to Lea Michelle or Amber Riley and even do better in terms of singing but she will be drowned with her acting and a number of other reasons: (1) she will be upstaged by Lea’s Rachel, (2) who needs another Mercedes in the show? (3) Sue will have ‘another Asian’ to ridicule and bully with and that is not good (read: Filipino fans might react negatively with the bullying part), (4) she’ll appear to be a grade schooler with her height, especially with Finn, and (5) I’m afraid that the show is beginning to be too commercialized rather than threading together the different stories of each of the main cast as in the first 13 episodes of the first season.

I’m a self-proclaimed Gleek. I’m a Filipino. I’m definitely excited for Charice but at the same time weary for her acting.


55 thoughts on “Charice IN Glee!

    • downhill? nah! Charice is one of those additional “flavors” to spice up the show even more. I hope. 🙂

      by the way, she did Maalaala Mo Kaya as herself in her own biopic.

  1. and she can’t even speak straight english, for crying out loud. goof grief. i’m filipino but definitely not a fan.

    • i dont think na magbabagay sya sa glee her height is like a grade schooler, and i don’t think she’s good in acting!!!


    • And do you think SHE CANT MEMORIZE THE SCRIPTS? Where the effin hell is your brain, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?! Moron!!!

    • Proper english dumbass!! You are an embarrassment to the whole Asian communities. Charice is breaking doors for all the other talented Asians out there and you are putting her down. And you are so proud to call yourself Filipino I hope not..

  2. Why compare her to “Rachel”? So what if her English is not perfect? For crying out loud, Losers! What poor image you have for Filipinos. Let’s celebrate for Charice! Let’s give her moral support. She already succeeded where many failed, so why put her down when you have yet to see ONE episode. She auditioned and she passed ! Go, Charice, Go!

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  7. Charice will be playing a foreign exchange student role here. The way she speaks english now is just right for the role. No need to speak straight english

  8. I KNOW RIGHT?! She totally has the voice but I’ll still wait if she can pull off acting in a series. I guess this would be just a guesting, cause she doesn’t have ANY acting experience whatsoever. And to be a series regular that easily. I Highly doubt it. but who am I to talk may be she got some acting workshop already. I do hope that she does good in the show. I’m a Filipina and a Gleek! She better make us Filipinos Proud.

    • Poor Charice! A heavy weight is on her shoulders. She’s a brave girl doing what she does that most people would be too scared to do. But what does her own countryen see and feel? Negativity. Instead of giving her moral support and encouraging her, They do the opposite thing. Well, Charice don’t worry. Chasters are behind you. Just trust God and you’ll make it.

  9. so here comes the crabsters… the world know she isn’t really the best in acting but her singing is what the made her to the cast. we knew her role is an exchanged foreigner and not that she is a fluent English-speaking character. How sure are we that she will be upstaged by Lea? Warner Brothers will never allow to embarrass Charice. She gaining strength from Filipino haters to prove her worth. She’s not giving up… Yes, she can do it… without a shadow of a doubt. she’s a smart and talented girl. i mean the world’s most talented girl.

  10. Such haters! We haven’t seen it yet. You’re Filipinos and you’re displaying that crab mentality. Why can’t you just be happy for this girl who’s making it to the Hollywood? And what the heck if she can’t speak straight English? She’s learning, and she’s doing great each day. This is something yet to be seen, so let’s wait and let’s cross our fingers for her.

  11. thanks god someone who shares the same sentiments as mine over this issue!

    i love GLEE so much and she’s a misfit in a not so good way!

    she can’t even provide a proper emotion on her performances (singing) so how can we expect any better?

    since stereotyped ang mga roles sa GLEE, baka yung role nya eh isang stereotyped Pinay exchange student tapos eto na ang mga Pinoy na aaray dahil racist daw!

    grow up people! this isn’t an issue of patriotism or crab mentality. it’s just that am not as impressed as you guys here. for me she’s just a singer who’s capable of doing crazy vocal stunts. never an artist. know the difference people…

    • @Désolé Boy And who the effin genius are u to say that? Oprah and the legendary David Foster will never waste their time and put their reputations jeopardized by endorsing this poor angel if she aint excellent at what she does best — singing. If she can express herself through singing, and the world gets on their feet w/ goosebumps, then she can undoubtedly act like any other first-time actors w/o any professional acting workshops. Wait til you see Charice on Glee. Again, I respect your opinion but you aren’t reliable enough as you havent even proven yourself. Just admit it; you are jealous of what this amazing Charice has accomplished so far. Try harder.

      • @gLEE

        Desole Boy has the right to express his own opinion. So what if Oprah and David Foster wasted their time on Charice? The American public has rejected Charice. Her “Pyramid” is a flop, and it only charted on the Hot 100 for two weeks. Her album quickly sank to the bottom of the Billboard 200 before dropping off two weeks ago.

    • Who cares about your comment. Rising stars will always have detractors and that’s to be expected. If she does not have detractors, then that’s the time to get worried. As of now, her star is shining and no one can pull her down!!!! May God bless you more and more Charice.

  12. Para sakin mas magaling kumanta si lea michelle kasi ung boses nya ay panglahat (pangbirit, ballad, etc) Kumbaga ang boses ni charice ay matigas. Kaya hindi si charice ang pinaka talented sa mundo. Pero proud na proud ako sa kanya

    • You’re not being consistent. You malign her voice and you’re proud of her. Her voice is more versatile than Lea’s. She can sing like Lea’s but can Lea sing like her?

  13. hmmm for all of the haters out there… you made me laugh(poor you)… it’s so immature of you guys saying all of those things, give a sensible comment that can actually prove us wrong about Charice appearance on glee…. don’t give lousy comments such as “she can’t even provide a proper emotion on her performances (singing) so how can we expect any better?” (Emotions! Then why a lot of people get chills and feel her songs?… ( maybe your just numb to see and feel?)… And these “she’s just a singer who’s capable of doing crazy vocal stunts. never an artist. Know the difference people…” (Do you know what an artist means? Do you even know the difference.. . oh come on! Are you 10?… and also about the “speak straight English thing?” (a script will be given to her, rehearsals and all that, and come on she’s doing a good job embracing and learning the language…)
    Just give her a break men! in fact the show haven’t even yet.

  14. I so love this post. Mixed opinions. But I just want you to know that this post is not about bashing Charice. There are apprehensions about her joining Glee but let’s wait and see. Nevertheless, I’m sure she would not compromise her country and her fellowmen. 🙂

  15. I agree, this crabsters did not even think that their parents are filipinos also in the United states who dont speak english well ,and so what’s wrong with that, we are filipino’s and doesnt need to speak as fluent as americans.What a shame , you guys judged the poor girl already without giving her a chance to show if she could act or not?You guys should support her because its very seldom to a filipina to penetrate hollywood.If you are not proud of Charice because you think she can’t act ,you are losers! You belittle yourself as well because you are also filipino’s.What a shame!

    • Very true. They are children of immigrants who have strong accents. I see a lot of these kids who think they’re way above the coountrymen they left behind and even denigrate their English and their accents. Grow up kiddos. If you must criticize Filipinos’ accents, concentrate on your parents and grandparents first, ok?

  16. I don’t think Charice would fit in in Glee. I am a Filipino and yet I don’t have any trust on her acting ability. She is a singer, not a full-pledged actress. Plus, I am more afraid that her appearance will give other people more reason to ridicule us in terms of fluency in English, in grammar and, of course, our intelligence. It’s sad but it’s also true.

    I really hope that Charice would do well in Glee.

    • You’re scared for nothing. What grammar are you talking about? Charice can read and memorize scripts just like other actors, so why worry about grammar? And I’ll bet she’s more intelligent than you. She memorized an Italian song in a very short time and sang it without any error in front of a huge Italian audience and got standing ovation. And you don’t trust her acting ability – why? Have you seen her act? And what does declaring your being Filipino got to do with your opinion. Does it give more credence to what you said? Grow up.

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  18. you people are crazy. di pa nga sya lumalbas dun sa show yet youre giving too much of your opinions. im not a fan but still give her a chance. if she does not do well then its non of your business.

  19. but because of charice one of the orginal cast members will be out of glee. say what? at first wow but when i heard that someone from the original cast will be off the script, oh please just let them stay and instead take charice off. besides shes just gonna be a recurring character not a main character so why take her in? well she could be a guest star but please not in the cast.

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  21. figgins got an indian accent. rhyan murphy would suitably place every character so not one character seems awkward. glee would still be the fast paced comedy even if one character does’nt speak and act well. even amber’s and rachel’s lack of low notes is never noticed. the Chinese girl is an mediocre actress, its hard to distinguished is shes crying or laughing. its all part of comedy.

  22. People who can’t even write their real names down with their comments sure have a lot of guts ridiculing Charice’s take on Glee. On the other hand, Charice is bearing her soul and offering her talents to be criticized and put down by the words of those hiding under anonymity. What an irony.

    ” In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations, the new needs friends.” – line by Anton Ego

    The raw talent of Charice is undeniably amazing, it cannot be ignored or put down. She has proven herself against adversities, and her raw talent will further be polished and refined by years to come. Like a rough diamond awaiting for its brilliant cut. And if that brilliant cut is Glee, we will see.

    Last point, Charice is an individual, she stands up for herself… let us not have the false thinking that she represents us all Filipinos, and her talent and flaws embody us all. This is probably why there is such criticism of her talent by her own people. Let us not flatter ourselves. In the end, we represent our own as individuals… and let us take our part in our own lives by living in the same standard of excellence and pride, as Charice does.

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