Are you hooked? With your gadgets?

I’m beginning to think I am: I text and/or surf while eating my dinner or lunch, I usually turn on my Macbook and open Tweetdeck and my email when I get home from work, and continuously battling against the urge to catch up with the latest technology available. The pace at which technology is “rewiring” our brains is so fast thus affecting our ability to focus and ultimately the way we think and live our lives.

The New York Times’ article Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price gives us some eye-openers about how life is with the iPhone, iPad, computers, Twitter, Facebook, SMS and the like. The clincher here, I think, is the limiting of amount of interaction between 2 or more persons that renders us to care less of each other. It is not to say that digital technology has become a bad influence to human life, but it is increasingly ‘fragmenting’ our life’s experiences.

Try these tests and find out how well you can focus amidst distractions and how well you can multitask:
1. Test your focus
2. Test how fast you can juggle tasks

Here are my results:

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