GLEE Season 1 Finale: The Journey


I hoped for a more extended season finale episode with all the “maangas” musical numbers but it fell short of my expectations. But the “heart” of the finale episode is I think these: COMPASSION AND HOPE.

  • Finn declared his love for Rachel and he glowed!
  • Don’t Stop Believing was brought back with a transposition to a higher key while Mercedes makes her usual ‘birit’ that heightened and at the same time showcased the spirit of New Directions
  • Quinn delivering her baby side by side with Bohemian Rhapsody brought to us the reality that is called life and Quinn’s decision (I won’t spoil more hehe)
  • Emma fighting for the continuance of the glee club is right on spot, that is, faith on something good and standing up for others when they’re prejudiced.
  • Sue giving up the rehearsal room for 1 year is one indication that she, after all, has a heart and actually voted for New Directions during the regionals.

Of course, there is a lot of cliffhangers for the 2nd season to reveal. After all, it’s TV.

Overall, I like the finale.

Click here to download Glee Season Finale episode. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “GLEE Season 1 Finale: The Journey

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  2. I felt it was bitin.

    Quinn never got to sing (or at least she was not shown to have sung) a solo line.

    No Rachel and Jesse confrontation whatsoever.

    And they’ve never shown the “we’re officially together” line of Puck which was shown in the teaser of the back 9 eps.

    Pero astig pa rin si Sue and “To Sir with Love” 😛

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