FlashForward Fans Stage Massive Blackouts to Save Series – Today’s News: Our Take | TVGuide.com


FlashForward Fans Stage Massive Blackouts to Save Series – Today’s News: Our Take | TVGuide.com.

When the likelihood of bringing back the TV series FlashForward starring Joseph Fiennes for at least another season becomes so bleak unlike the flashforwards that have occurred on 6th of October 2009, fans are organizing a massive staged blackouts on June 10, 2010 urging ABC for a reconsideration of the said sci-fi drama series.

Yesterday, I finished the whole Season 1 in a marathon and yes, cliffhangers need to be answered.  At some points in the last few episodes, I thought that 2 or 3 episodes were cramped in only one.  The turn of events are fast in an effort to provide answers to the impending questions since the pilot episode. Some gray areas were cleared but the finale pointed to 2011 and 2015, even showing a teenage Charlie.  This, I think,  ensued more excitement and more reason for fans to clamor for another season besides that the plot itself is full of suspense and drama.

I, too, would want the series for another season.  I want to know –

(1)  if Mark Benford really died on April 29th (which is unlikely considering the direction of the story),

(2) if Olivia Benford and Lloyd Simcoe were together after the second blackout,

(3) if Janis Hawk and Demetri Noh’s child is okay and whether Janis stopped being a double agent,

(4) if Dr. Bryce Varley and Keiko will have a happy ending as well as Nicole and Ed,

(5) the roles of Charlie and Dillon (they seemed to be inseparable) in the whole blackout drama,

(6) if Simon and Demetri died,

(7) if Aaron Stark actually brought her daughter Tracy home from Afghanistan, and

(8) if, after all, the global blackout and Jericho is a military experiment initiated by the US government itself and the role of FBI’s Asst. Director Stanford Wedeck in its expose.

See?  The story has to finish.

Bring back FlashForward!


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