Ranking the Idols: Performing Billboard’s No. 1’s


It thought last night was the most lackluster performance night in the history of American Idol with only two performances that really stood out. The other nine? They totally sucked up their performances. Aaron Kelly might have a valid reason (tonsilitis, but I wondered why he could still sing a very demanding song) but Paige totally lost all there is that she worked hard for since her first audition.

(Grade: 1=Very Poor; 10=Excellent based on voice, song choice, originality, stage presence and overall impact, since I thought this is, after all, a singing competition)

1. Crystal Bowersox – I am not familiar with the Me and Bobby McGee song by Janis Joplin but she definitely made it her own and I felt as if it’s a premiere of her first single. My only problem with Crystal is she has ‘her own world’ and for a competition such as American Idol, she need to connect with her audience. And I like the carpet prop! Grade: 9.5

2. Siobhan Magnus – oh man, she amazes me every time. Her performance of Superstition by Stevie Wonder is simply very Magnus but a little bit oversang it. Her low notes this time is very impressive but her ‘scream’ was really a literal scream for me. She may not have prepared for it, that’s why it was a little bit off. I need her to sing an intimate ballad though to show off her versatility. Nevertheless, she’s unpredictable so who knows what’s her interpretation of a song next time. Grade: 9.0

3. Lee DeWyze – did very well opening the show with The Letters by Boxtops. Her tone improved but he’s obviously very nervous. He needs to loosen up and make another Elliott Yamin-like performance. I think he could sing soul songs better than rock. Grade: 8.7

4. Casey James – sang Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News. Good vocals but I thought he needs to shelf that guitar and explore the stage. Simon and Kara’s comments about his performance are two poles apart! It only means that he needs to work on his appeal for the general public and not only for the old-fashioned country rockers. Grade: 8

5. Didi Benami – I’m sad for her because I really like her and her voice. Taking on Linda Ronstadt’s You’re No Good is a big risk especially with her style. I thought it was a bit loungy. Grade: 7.5

6. Michael Lynche – I am beginning to hate Big Mike because of his falsetto and his performance of When A Man Loves a Woman is over the top. Too many runs and riffs. Can’t he sing a song straight up, for a change? Grade: 6.0

7. Aaron Kelly – it was A BIG, BIG RISK for him singing I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. Given his circumstance, I really doubted if he could give justice to the song. He finished the song but I found it too boring. Grade: 6.0

8. Andrew Garcia – I heard Marvin Gaye’s Heard It Through the Grapevine too many times in the show and I thought Andrew’s version was the most boring one. I was hoping he could pull off a Gokey-like performance but it all fell on the floor. Nothing significant. Grade: 5.0

9. Katie Stevens – Sure Katie, Big Girls Don’t Cry. Try harder next time. The performance was very karaoke and I still don’t know what and where to place Katie’s voice. I think the only song she did really well was At Last. Grade: 4.7 [Bottom 3]

10. Tim Urban – sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. What he lacked with his voice, he compensated with that slide on stage. That’s pretty it for him. And of course, that pretty face! haha Grade: 3.0 [Bottom 3]

11. Paige MilesAgainst All Odds. A total disaster. Her pitch was all over I-don’t-know-where. She just stopped competing. Miley Cyrus showed us through Paige how to sing. LOL Grade: 1.00 for effort with her stilettos [Bottom 3, VOTED OFF]


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