Ranking the Idols: Performing the Rolling Stones


Rolling Stones = rock ‘n’ roll. Some thrived and succeeded while others just sucked. It’s the top 12 performances and it’s time for the rankings!

(Grade: 1=Very Poor; 10=Excellent based on voice, song choice, originality, stage presence and overall impact, since I thought this is, after all, a singing competition)

1. Siobhan Magnus – with the unforgettable Think note she unleashed during her Top 20 performance, expectations for this unpredictable glass blower surged higher. But her Paint It, Black performance did not fail those expectations. She even did better and with all those stage dramas, she painted the Idol stage red instead of black. Everything with her performance was hot! I think she is the female reincarnation of Adam Lambert. Grade: 10

2. Crystal Bowersox – with Siobhan=Adam Lambert, Crystal is like Kris Allen. Smooth. Solid performance. There’s always a heart in her every performance. But she has the tendency to be boring and sound monotonous. Unless she take some risks and really create that moment for her, she might fail Simon Cowell in being his Anointed One. Well, sometimes, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Nevertheless, her quirky yet very creative style gives her that uniqueness and the connection with her audience. Grade: 9

3. Lee DeWyze – he has that radio-friendly voice: it’s not Beast-y and is no Burden to your ears. I expected too much from him this week since he’s kind of the only rocker in the bunch but he delivered a John Mayer-ish performance. But I think he improved from his last performance. Grade: 7.5

4. Aaron Kelly – oh Angie! I thought this teener would really crumble with rock ‘n’ roll and his voice went raspy (was that intentional?!) to have that rocker effect, but he was good in this performance. I could still feel the nerves though. Grade: 7

5. Casey James – I don’t think It’s All Over Now for him. I just thought it was a safe performance. Dry but safe. He also needs to take some risks to stay in the game. Unless he does something exciting in his performances, the voters might get bored with him and eventually vote him out. Grade: 6.8

6. Didi Benami – I guess Siobhan has a big influence on her performance. She lost the excitement that’s her voice and in the beginning faltered a bit but ultimately gained her momentum and still managed to have a solid performance. She tried to Played With Fire but she needs to get her groove back. Grade: 6.5

7. Katie StevensWild Horses. And she is fighting for her life in the Top 12. She did good but I still don’t like her. It should have been Lilly Scott in the finals instead of her. Grade: 6

8. Michael Lynche – sang Miss You and I was very critical (in a negative way) about those R&B falsettos. Grade: 5.7

9. Andrew GarciaGimme Shelter! I thought that was a shout for being confused. Grade: 5.5

10. Lacey BrownRuby Tuesday. Mediocre. Grade: 4 [Eliminated]

11. Paige Miles – it was really a ‘honky tonky‘ performance but she still managed to bring out her good vocal quality. Grade: 4 [Bottom 3]

12. Tim Urban – Rock ‘n’roll to reggae?! Yaiks! Under My Thumb or a thumb down? Grade: 2 (for just the good looks) [Bottom 3]

Let’s see how they faired with their studio recordings.

UPDATE: Next week’s theme is Teen Idols.


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