American Idol 9: Top 12 revealed!


American Idol Season 9 Top 12:

Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox, Lacey Brown, Lee DeWyze, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban.

1. Didi Benami – since her ‘critically-acclaimed’ rendition of Terrified (by Katharine McPhee) that brought her in the Top 24, she has been really trying hard to keep with the pressure. However, the more she tries hard, the more she becomes ineffective as a singer/performer. She needs to loosen up and just be herself to be in her element again. She might end up like Megan Corkrey of last season.

2. Crystal Bowersox – a real artist, fluid and Simon’s Anointed One.

3. Lacey Brown – she’s beautiful and has one of the most unique voices in this season but she has to step up in her performances and song choices to stay longer in the game.

4. Lee DeWyze – I thought this guy is a Danny Gokey-wannabe: one who doesn’t know what he is as an artist though his raspy voice is a plus.

5. Andrew Garcia – one of the few guys who have been solid in their performances. He has the ability to spice up his songs but needs to tame his game a little bit.

6. Casey James – almost everything about him reminds me of Bo Bice. I don’t know. He’s one of the only two guys whom I believe has a great chance for the top spot.

7. Aaron Kelly – this teen can sing but he needs to be in this day and in his age: he needs to sing songs that suits his age and not trying to be mature when he’s not, that often results to a very unstable performance.

8. Michael Lynche – consistently solid in his performances until last night when he seemed to have his moment with a Maxwell song, he is the other guy (besides James)

9. Siobhan Magnus – now this is my girl! Unpredictable and always steals the limelight; quirky yet pop-py.

10. Paige Miles – sure has one of the best voices in this season but needs to choose the right songs for her, else she will sound karaoke-ish.

11. Katie Stevens – I personally wanted Lilly Scott instead of her in the Top 12; like Aaron, she needs to be more current in her song choices and sound like her age. I don’t know, but she might be idolizing Renee Olstead (no basis, just an analogy).

12. Tim Urban – definitely has the ‘handsomest’ among the guys and having said that, that is the only thing that will keep him in the competition if he is not eliminated first next week.

The first theme for the Top 12 next week: Rolling Stones catalog.


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