American Idol 9: Top 8 Girls’ Performances


The past two days were a little bit stressful for me but last night’s Top 8 girls’ performances made me feel relieved. A few people got their original acts back together, the primary reason why they were in the semis. And then except some.

Wait. Lacey Brown’s The Story went into my subconscious and pierced me right where it should be. Figure.

Anyway, here’s my usual list:

1. Indulge me in this – LACEY BROWN, Performer#3, sang The Story by Brandi Carlile – [emotionally] STRONG
2. DIDI BENAMI, Performer#5, sang Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac – WOW! [her best after Terrified]
3. SIOBHAN MAGNUS, Performer#2, sang House of the Rising Sun by The Animals – RISK [really liked the a capella part but I doubt if the voting Americans will buy that style since it has done before]
4. CRYSTAL BOWERSOX, Performer#7, sang Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman – [amazingly] CONSISTENT
5. KATELYN EPPERLY, Performer#4, sang I Feel The Earth Move by Carole King – SO-SO [nothing special about the performance, but I believe she will be in the Final 12]
6. KATIE STEVENS, Performer#1, sang Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson – KARAOKE
7. PAIGE MILES, Performer#6, sang Smile by Charlie Chaplin – UNCONNECTED [and I don’t seem to match the dress with the song]
8. LILLY SCOTT, Performer#8, sang I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline – ODD

I think any two of the last three in my list are endangered to be eliminated.


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