American Idol 9: Top 10 Girls’ Performances


So Crystal Bowersox was able to perform. She’s one of the front-runners of the season – original and a real artist. Since Idol don’t want to lose (ahemmmm!) one of its better contestants, it has to defer the performance of the girls the next day and the boys have to perform first.

This post is rather late (4 people have been eliminated last Thursday) since I have been busy with work. Nevertheless, I needed to publish this.

The girls are way better than the boys, or most of the girls are, and we have seen and heard at least two WOW performances worthy for the Final 12:

1. SIOBHAN MAGNUS, Performer#10, sang Think by Aretha Franklin – the performance was: WOW! [everybody is still ‘thinking’ about that wicked note]
2. CRYSTAL BOWERSOX, Performer#1, sang As Long As I See The Light by Creedence Clearwater Revival- the performance was: NATURAL [and fabulous]
3. KATELYN EPPERLY, Performer#8, sang The Scientist by Coldplay – the performance was: POWERFUL
4. PAIGE MILES, Performer#9, sang Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson – the performance was: [just] GOOD
5. LILLY SCOTT, Performer#7, sang A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke – the performance was: UNIQUE
6. MICHELLE DELAMOR, [Eliminated March 4, 2010] Performer#6, sang With Arms Wide Open by Creed – the performance was: SAFE [but more solid than last week]
7. DIDI BENAMI, Performer#7 , sang Lean On Me by Bill Withers – the performance was: KARAOKE-ish [but I still love her! just a wrong song choice]
8. LACEY BROWN, Performer#3, sang Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer – the performance was: COPYCAT
9. KATIE STEVENS, Performer#4, sang Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae – the performance was: TRYING HARD
10. HAELEY VAUGHN, [Eliminated March 4, 2010] Performer#2, sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus – the performance was: PITCHY [and all over the place].

Since this is a singing competition and supposedly NOT a popularity contest, Haeley Vaughn and Katie Stevens (instead of Michelle Delamor) should be out.

So next week is the last eliminations before the Final 12 are known. The girls are more competitive and worth watching for.


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