American Idol 9: Top 12 Boys Performances


Based on the Top 12 Girls’ performances, I thought the boys were better, but not quite. The WOW factor is still missing.

VFTW voted Tim Urban as their pick. He looks good and with that, he could stay longer in the race. I know those tweens are going to vote like crazy for him.

So again, here are my ONE WORD assessments for each performance (according to my rank of better to worst):

1. CASEY JAMES – Performer#11 , sang Heaven by Bryan Adams, Verdict: PIERCING
2. MICHAEL LYNCHE, Performer#9 , sang This Love by Maroon 5, Verdict: ENERGETIC
3. JERMAINE SELLERS – Performer#3 , sang Get Here by Oleta Adams, Verdict: OVER-THE-TOP
4. ANDREW GARCIA – Performer#12, sang Sugar We’re Going Down by Fallout Boy, Verdict: IMPRESSIVE [but strange]
5. JOHN PARK – Performer#8 , sang God Bless The Child by Michael Buble (?), Verdict: EMOTION-LESS
6. TODRICK HALL, Performer#1, sang Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson, Verdict: RISKY
7. LEE DEWYZE, Performer#7 , sang Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Verdict: SCREAMING
8. [ELIMINATED, 2/25/2010] JOE MUÑOZ, Performer#5 , sang You And I Both by Jason Mraz, Verdict: CUTE
9. [ELIMINATED, 2/25/2010] TYLER GRADY, Performer#6 , sang American Woman by Guess Who, Verdict: SLOPPY
10. AARON KELLY, Performer#2 , sang Here Comes Goodbye by Rascall Flatts, Verdict: UNORIGINAL
11. TIM URBAN, Performer#4 , sang Apologize by OneRepublic, Verdict: [another literal] LANDSLIDE
12. ALEX LAMBERT, Performer#10 , sang Wonderful World by James Morrison, Verdict: [very] POOR

Generally, the boys’ performances are a bit exciting as 2 or 3 took some risks in either of their song choice or arrangement.

I just hope the Top 20 will step up in their performances next week.

PS:  Joe Muñoz should’ve stayed instead of Alex Lambert.


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