American Idol 9: Vered Didi Benami


I have not been blogging like before about American Idol Season 9 since it started last January 13 for two reasons: (1) I am so busy these days to write, and (2) I somehow lost interest in American Idol, well, at least for now.

Anyhow, I have been peeking into the audition episodes from time to time and also based on the feedbacks, VERED DIDI BENAMI of Los Angeles, CA, is one of my early favorites, especially when she sang Terrified (Katharine Mcphee w/ Jason Reeves, Unbroken) penned by one of the judges, Kara DioGuardi). Even with her first audition, she is an emphatic and soulful singer. I like the fluid yet fragile voice. She is beautiful too! On hindsight, however, if she’s going to be consistent with her performances until the Final 12 (see Top 24 leaked here), I just hope she’ll not end up like Megan Corkrey of last season.

Here are her audition videos:

First audition in Los Angeles:

Hollywood Round 1:

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