Are you an annoying Facebooker?


I took the quiz CNN posted on its site about a month ago and got the following –

Some people may enjoy your Facebook messages, but others may consider you obnoxious or self-indulgent.

It is funny since most of my Facebook (and Twitter) updates are actually obnoxious! AREN’T WE ALL?  And this I got to add:  a majority of those who respond/reply/comment/share your updates are themselves lacking of attention.

However, the 12 annoying types of Facebookers (and I think these also apply to Twitter-ers) according to the related story of CNN are not totally annoying at all:

Updates like “I’m stuck in traffic” can be a very helpful piece of information for some of your friends who might have decided to pass through the same street as you are, hence, he or she will not drive through where you are or be caught in the same dilemna. For me, everyday updates, no matter how trivial they may be, can be a source of inspiration, a lesson or bring others to certain realizations about themselves, their friends and the world, in general.  It is just a matter of perspective and I’m sure those who get annoyed by these types of updates do the same.

There is no fast rule actually as regards status updates.

The next time you open your Facebook account, be ready with these updates. If you find some annoying, there’s always an option to unfollow or de-friend them, or simply ignore those updates. But just a reminder before you unfollow them – from the beginning, you invited them to be your friends and/or accepted their respective invitations…so…? Don’t trash someone or be a trash yourself.


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