Home boy


Yes, I enjoy going out.

But for me, there’s nothing better as just staying at home –

I have my favorite companion for years…Mr. TV, and watch my favorite shows;

I sometimes would make birits if I’m in the mood and sing the whole libretto of Les Miserables or Miss Saigon or sing a Martin Nievera song;

I cook (I would experiment but I prepare mostly those dishes that I miss from home);

Internet surfing with my Mac, updating my blog (just like this) and connecting with friends over the cyberspace;

Used to bring work at home but I have learned my lessons…;

I sometimes read novels (but lately I have not acquired one…I actually still have to read the Twilight series); and

I sometimes would handwash my own clothes (even when I have my clothes washed in a laundry shop).

I don’t know but I would always prefer staying at home, whether with enough money to spend shopping, and/or eating out or not. I think my mother has a big influence on me as regards my behavior. Nevertheless, it’s almost always a good thing for me.


6 thoughts on “Home boy

  1. i can relate kuya! ahaha..
    well i know the feeling.. sometimes it is better to stay at home just to relax, watch tv or just do nothing.. it can save you money. after doing that for two consecutive weekends, try go to the mall. but dont spend a lot ah.. konti lang.. mga half ng nasave mo sa hindi mo paglabas ng two weekends.. hehehe..
    para hindi boring ang life, need natin ng choices.. ^_^

  2. I love staying at home too but I enjoy going out every now and then to keep it balanced. The best thing about staying at home is that I get to war whatever I want, sleep as much as I want, pig out, watch TV, surf the internet, read.. there’s always a comfort level associated with home that you don’t get anywhere else.

    • yeah, it’s so different when you’re at home. I feel like I’m in control, hence the “comfort” 🙂 but of course, there’s always that need to see the world once in a while….

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