My fave TV shows this September’09


OMG! I can’t wait! Four of my favorite TV shows will be on air again starting this September 2009:

GLEE (Season 1) – not ‘one of those high school musicals’. The pilot episode was aired three months ago and was a blast. I guess the season premiere on September 9 on Fox would commence the inevitable rise to stardom of the New Directions; a clearer backstory for each of the principal characters especially Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith); the guesting of Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth; the brewing love triangle between Terri Shuester, Will Shuester and Emma Hays; and exciting Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). The cast spills spoilers here. Trailer.

FRINGE (Season 2) – will premiere the first episode of its second season on September 17 on Fox. The Bishops and Olivia will embark on new discoveries and the unveiling of the elusive Mr. William Bell. And what will happen to Charlie, Olivia’s partner and friend? Watch trailer here.

LIE TO ME (Season 2) – The second season premiere will be shown on September 28 on Fox. The show stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, an expert on deception who studies facial expressions and body language to tell whether a person is lying or not. The first season was an eye-opener for me and I learned a lot from the show as it is based on the real life experiments of Dr. Paul Ekman.

BROTHERS & SISTERS (Season 4) – The Walker family will be back on September 27 on ABC. Will Tommy return? Will Robert and Kitty reconcile? What will happen to Rebecca and Justin’s relationship when the latter pursues his study of medicine. This is the best family drama on current TV! Trailer.


4 thoughts on “My fave TV shows this September’09

    • Hi kenna! 🙂 yes, I bet they would reconcile but it will be a long way for them. they split after a “priority issue” in their marriage in season 3. and another yes for you to watch S3. you got to! hehe

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