Lea Salonga…Your Songs


lea_yoursongs2009So this is another special concert (since every concert was special hehe) of Lea Salonga. What’s exciting about it is the way it is being promoted through www.leayoursongs.com, the official website of the LEA SALONGA…YOUR SONGS concert. I bet this concert is a tribute of Lea to all her fans by soliciting requests for songs that she will sing.

We often hear Lea sing songs from the musical theater and her own recordings and I am sure that most of her fans (including me) would like her to sing new and original songs. But the song requests would show her versatility and it’s always fun and exciting to hear how your favorite singer would interpret some of the most popular tunes in the radio today. So go to the website now and send in your requests but don’t be so ridiculous about the songs; well, just be reasonable, haha! You could even send a video audition to be able to sing with Lea on stage – SO WOW! That would be a great experience.

Ai-Ai De Las Alas and Richard Poon will be guesting in the concert. With Ai-Ai, the concert would be loud and funny; with Richard Poon, it will be enchanting.

Tickets will be available @ TicketWorld by September 2009.

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