David, David and EUGENE


This is a riot! This was one of those “busy” days of David Cook and David Archuleta during their visit in Manila last week for a back to back concert on May 16th. Eugene Domingo (Filipino comedienne) is spontaneously funny! I really like her even if she’s already on the other side of the fence.

This is sort of a gag for one of the GMA shows with Eugene Domingo and Anjo Yllana. Eugene was tasked by Anjo to interview the two Davids (at their hotel) and in the process she has to at least touch the Idols’ sleeves, smell them and say “I Love You”. She was able to accomplish her tasks. Her prize was supposedly be a kiss from Cook but….she got a kiss from a real cook, as in the person who cooks food. Hahaha! A little bit corny buy definitely funny.

Archie was so cute and had a very innocent reaction to Eugene’s craziness while Cook totally set himself in the game. Hilarious Eugene!

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