American Idol 8: the ‘Battlefield’ is on for Kris and Adam!


OMG! I’m already out of words with excitement and joy! I’ll just post my Twitter updates here:

American Idol: 88 million votes (?!!) came in for the Final 2. Who?! This is killing me.

1 million votes separated the top 2. If DialIdol is right this time, then it’s Danny who’s going home.

Kris interviewed by Ryan about his homecoming…and the video clips went on.

Oh Ryan!! the drama….

Jordin Sparks in the Battlefield. The song rocks!

Jordin Sparks looks hot on Idol stage. Or maybe it’s just the hair? And the dress? hehe

When it’s Adam’s turn for the homecoming video clips, he’ll be declared one of the top 2. Hmnnn… [I was wrong here. Over-anticipated.]

Jordin Spark’s Battlefield is an awesome song. I bet it will be a hit. Check out also Elliott Yamin’s new album Fight For Love.

OMG! No results yet…

Katy Perry will perform next…who else???!

Ohhhhhh…Katy Perry tops Lady Gaga’s outfit.

Katy Perry looks like a drag queen with all those Vegas showgirls.

Ok. I’ll be frank. I am really stressed out over this AI Top 3 elimination. I hope Kris will get through. But I’m ready for anything.

Kris Allen does not have twitter. So who is this @KrisN_Allen I’m following?

Kevin Bacon in the audience…

First person to Top 2 is……..KRIS ALLEN!!!!!!!!!


OMG….my heart is beating faster…I think I’m going to faint for Kris Allen!!!!! Way to go Kris!!!!

So THE SCREAM is gone….but Danny put up a good competition. That’s it. At least I will still be able to watch more AI after this.

The Kris-Adam finale made my day! I’m hyper now! 🙂

And the Big Ding Dong???


9 thoughts on “American Idol 8: the ‘Battlefield’ is on for Kris and Adam!

    • Me happy too! I can’t wait for next week’s finale.

      I was thinking if there were 1 millions votes separating Kris and Adam, then there’s a huge possibility that Kris will be the winner. It might be that Adam’s fan base is not that big after all. If Adam continues to wail next week and Kris continues to render awesome performances like his Heartless, then……. 🙂 who knows!

  1. I am so happy for the outcome. It now all depends if Kris can sustain his heartfelt rendition of the tracks he’ll chose and make it his own and to bring out his artistry.

    (Wait…Oh My G! Did I just sound like DioGuardi?)

  2. Hey White!

    After Kris’ Heartless, I couldn’t see how anyone could deny him the finals. Nothing was sweeter, more original or more special than his rendition & u know why? Cause it was bare naked Kris, stripped down 2 just a man & 2 instruments, his voice & his guitar, sharing what’s in his soul – beauty and love.

    We have been blessed with this creative spirit who will affect us in a way unlike any other who has taken that stage. Even cold aloof Simon can’t stop talking about it.

    Kris has said there’s nothing like the feeling he has when he’s on stage singing. That’s because there’s no one like him doing it. He’s got the best backstory of all – he’s lived all his life as a genius talent quietly disguised as HIS REAL SELF!


    • Hi Cami! Our Kris is in the Finals! It was expected. hehe I have a feeling he will really win this season. I am fervently hoping.

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