KRIS ALLEN is the American Idol!


I am not in the writing mood today and is even feeling sick again but when I watched Kris Allen singing one of my favorite songs, Apologize, and a sung-through, Kris-ized Heartless by Kanye West made my day.

The song choice made by Randy and Kara for Kris is I think very good in contrary to Simon’s remarks about it. What went wrong was KARA and her over-expectant brain and blabbers. She might be thinking that Kris would be able to jazz it up a little or change some parts to make it really his own. But that would make it sound similar to his second song which was totally BRILLIANT. I only heard two versions of the OneRepublic‘s hit and I think I would not like to listen to a very mashed up version; I still would like it as it is since it is already a big song, with beautiful lyrics and melody. What made Kris’s performance great was he poured out his soul to the song. It was full of heart with solid vocals and I kind of having goosebumps to his interpretation and that’s no lie!

Heartless is love! It was the most surprising and exciting song choice of the night and by far the most original. Moreso, Kris did it only with superb vocals and an acoustic guitar. No band and it was never boring. That was A MOMENT for him. And yes Randy, it was better than Fray or Kanye’s and Danny or Adam’s performances. For the first time, I really appreciated the song now with Kris as with the original Kanye. So Simon, stop the pimping of Glam Boy because even when Adam wins, he will NEVER sell records as much as Taylor Hicks or Fantasia or Rubin Studdard.

Check out the videos of Kris’s Top 3 performances:  Apologize and Heartless.

Danny has the weakest performances tonight.  He should go home tomorrow.

Adam expectedly shrieked out his songs; over-the-top performances and that would not sell records.

I do not want to think Kris is going home tomorrow (but eventually he will UNLESS America would realize his excellent talent over Danny and Adam) so here is my shout –




Starting today, I will be looking forward to the release of Kris’s debut album.


3 thoughts on “KRIS ALLEN is the American Idol!

    • I couldn’t agree more re: Danny going home and season finale of Fringe! 🙂

      [nice knowing you’re back to blogging, Mrs. Steve hehe]

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