Season finales


Three of the US TV shows I am following would have to end their current season runs:

b_slogo“Mexico” Episode, May 10, 2009
Nora came over to Mexico to find Tommy and the rest of the family follows. But the Walker family may never see him again. Tommy is really broken. Kitty and Robert may have to separate and something’s going to be revealed about Ryan Lafferty’s mother. It might be a finale full of revelations and goodbyes.

fringe_logo“There’s More Than One Of Everything” Episode, May 12, 2009
The first season of Fringe is full of introductions and setting up. There have been rumors, however, that it had been axed but it returned for more of mind-blowing and graphic revelations from the last three episodes. With the sudden pick-up in the storyline, the show returned to top the 18-49 age group in terms of viewership and that ushered the series to another season after the pilot season ends this Tuesday. In the season finale episode, William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), the elusive and most talked about name in the series, will be introduced and finally “in flesh” while Walter Bishop will disappear.

lietome_logo“Sacrifice” Episode, May 13, 2009
As the Lightman Group investigates a terrorist bombing just outside of Washington D.C., the whole case turns personal for one of the members of the team. As it is questioned, let’s see if indeed honesty is the best policy. [It is quite sad than this psychological drama will have to end with just 13 episodes.]


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