American Idol Season 8 TOP 3: Made my day!


After 64 million votes, the highest outside any finale, Allison Iraheta was eliminated leaving an all-male Top 3.

Notes from the results show:

  • The group number was live, thanks to Slash. The Idols sound awful though.
  • Paula looked beautiful and sexy but song number (new single) was not live (pre-taped yesterday) – actually I can’t find the reason why Paula has to perform at this stage and with the Rock theme.  Swan dance?
  • Gwen Stefani ‘reunited’ with her band No Doubt, and on tour
  • Chris Daughtry did an amazing job with his new single  No Surprise (he’s been Twittering about it, how he’s kinda nervous); as of this writing, it is already 1oth top song in iTunes.

I thought there will be a shocker elimination for Adam or Danny. Ryan has been rambling hints about it. But nah! It was Allison who was voted out and no shock at all. Expected.

So next week will be a real battle between Kris, Adam and Danny. I guess, they will be singing two songs each, including a choice from the judges. I hope it will be Simon who’ll assign a song for Kris…

(I’m still in euphoria over Kris’s safety!)

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