AI8 Top 4: I’d say it’s SCREAM night


For the first time, the American Idol stage became a ‘horror’ platform. It is supposed to be ROCK night and not a HORROR show. Led Zeppelin for the first time on Idol and DUUUUUEEEEETSSSSS?!!! Now that is a very bad idea! It’s just not right at this stage of the competition.

Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) First time for the song and definitely more screaming from Adam. He also has a more valid reason to darken his eye make-up. I really hate metal rock or hardcore rock. It is just annoying for me and bad for the ears. But Adam made it so simple and ushered us to what I should call, a SCREAM night. And Randy, that performance was definitely Broadway! Very calculated and Adam seemed to be counting the measures.

Allison Iraheta – Cry Baby (Janis Joplin) She looked 10-15 years older with her make-up. And man, every high note is a struggle for her. Cry baby Allison, cry! Let it out! Sorry there…I was carried away. Definitely not original, trying hard Joplin.

Kris Allen/Danny Gokey – Renegade (Styx) Again, the duet is a bad idea. Anything like this in the finals will just put down one of partners. It’s a competition. That’s how it is. Although I like the blending of Kris and Danny, Danny’s raspy voice seemed not to stick close with the band. It’s like watching the musical Jekyll and Hyde’s scene where Dr. Jekyll is transforming to Mr. Hyde, a battle between the good and evil – Kris’s pleasant, ‘alternative’ voice versus Danny’s unnecessary growling. And wait till you hear his solo performance.

Kris Allen – Come Together (Beatles) This might be a lame choice of song as compared to the other three but Kris got his own groove into the arrangement. He is not a rocker and his voice is definitely not attuned to the screaming fest. The performance was good, more on the safe side. And Simon, nobody in his right mind would eat ice at lunch, even if it’s made of mineral water.

Danny Gokey – Dream On (Aerosmith) I think Michael Johns sang this last year, right? Hungry for glory notes? Danny might have thought he got it right just for you but OMG, what was he thinking? It’s pure scream, way different than Adam could have done it. Kara is right – he took it TOO FAR and I’d say he FAILED. It was awful. That scream might be the reason why there was an accident during the dress rehearsal LOL.

Adam Lambert/Allison Iraheta – Slow Ride (Foghat) The duet was great and I thought Allison was confident enough with her parts. Adam sounded better than his solo performance. And the obvious pimping this whole season goes to these two.

So what do you think of the performances? I have never seen such “horror” in American Idol as tonight.

My ranking (including the duets):
1. Adam Lambert
2. Kris Allen
3. Allison Iraheta
4. Danny Gokey

Who should go home: Allison Iraheta
Who will go home: Kris Allen/Allison Iraheta (I’m still crossing my fingers there for Kris)
Shocker elimination: Danny Gokey


7 thoughts on “AI8 Top 4: I’d say it’s SCREAM night

  1. oh yeah. agreed.
    i hated the duets.
    duh. pair up allison and adam for rock week? that’ll surely overshadow the two other people.

    everyone’s talking about “the scream”. hahahaha.

  2. G G G G G GOkey … G G G G G GO home!!!!

    The set problems of dress rehearsal must have confused him into thinking his song title was “Scream On” not “Dream On”. What a spazzzz!!!!!

    Seriously, AI isn’t worried that they’ll become laughing stocks of reality TV if he makes it into the finale???!!! A youtube vid just of the scream in loop ( is rating higher than his actual performance.

    This show is getting a bit ridiculous. For every good contestant, Kris, there’s an equally ludicrous one, Goofy, I mean Gokey.

    Did u think we’d see a black nail polish-wearing Idol ever? & His eyeliner was especially thick for Whole Lotta Love, yippee!!!

    No wonder Kris is seen by some as boring or average – look who he’s standing next 2 all the time!

    Still say he is the ultimate artist: produces/writes own music, has guitar, piano (& more) skills, an easy voice to fall for, and w/ them there soft eyes & smile, he could be a model for the freakin Gap, people!!!! What more do u want in an AI!?????

    FIND A WAY TO PUT HIM IN FINALE SO HE CAN STEAL IT FROM the Clamoring Clutches of Glambert Mania!

    That is all 🙂

    • I heard that Randy Jackson chose Apologize by OneRepublic for Kris Allen to sing next week. That is great! I love the song and it will truly fit Kris’s voice and style. Soft rock alternative.

      I wish he would sing Ain’t No Sunshine again for his other song. His performance of that song was brilliant and hoping that Simon will once again praise him for that.

      • Hey White! Hope ur feeling better! Yeah, I heard about that Apologize choice too, and although I know Kris will nail it, its not a fav of mine & I’m afraid the way it goes up on ‘too late’ repeatedly, Simon could once again bash our guy on that high note. Randy may also use his ‘pitchy’ dig, since they seem to be so out to get him (i.e. blatantly throwing him under the bus, while praising Hokey’s, I mean Gokey’s horrendous rock effort).

        Obviously its Kris vs Screech now (prima Dona aint goin nowhere), and Kris needs some support from the judges, not sabotage. Paula’s weekly ‘c u in the finals!’ Gokey claim (missing 4 the first time last wk, geez, ya think she might b gettin it by now?) must never be uttered again!

        But if they don’t like him, we will have 2 put him in the finale just like we put him where he is now, vote by vote, cause we r KrisAllenation and WE WON’T B STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!! Just check out our dude doin his thang AT HIS BEST right here:

        What is the song Paula picked 4 Danny? Obscure u say? Bet pokey knows not what this word even means! 🙂

  3. Exactly why she picked it – she knows a dance song(especially one growly all the way through like this) is all that works 2 hide his poor pitchy sucky voice, WEAK! & how is it fair that Ms. ‘c u in the finals!’ gets to pick his song?

    If Screech makes it to the finals, I am through w/ this moronic show forever. (said that b4, like when Michael Johns left last yr, but this time its for good – honest!)

    Oh, & its the finals where they pick a previous performance song. This time they pick any song they want & he may pick one of his own, like Wastin Time, Beautiful Moon, Brand New Shoes, Be My Lady (all very good), or he says he’d luv 2 sing Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan), and some suggest Iris (Goo Goo Dolls), which I agree is a really good song 4 his voice, don’t u?!:

    He says Falling Slowly is his fav of the season, but I also really luv Aint No Sunshine – its hard 2 pick the best – ALL R W/ KRIS! 🙂

    Hear about Adam working on DWTS, SYTYCD, X Factor & America’s Best Dance Crew? He’s got ties that tilt this so much his way, Kris as the underdog is a massive understatement!

    • I would love Kris singing Falling Slowly or To Make You Feel My love again if that’s what he thinks are his favorites. He did very well when he performed those songs.

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