Update your Facebook & Twitter using Sun Alertz


I am a Sun Cellular subscriber but I haven’t learned of this new service SUN ALERTZ until I’ve read Kenna’s post just this morning.


So what is Sun Alertz all about? Sun Alertz is a new service from Sun Cellular that allows you to update your status on Facebook and Twitter from your mobile phone. With a subscription, you can receive unlimited updates (“alertz”) from all your friends on these networks, all day long. You can also opt to receive alertz only from selected friends, or only at specific times. [sunalertz.com]



All subscribers, prepaid or postpaid, can avail of this new service. Logging in to your Twitter account is fast and easy using your mobile phone but Facebook setup needs web access to authorize the Sun Alertz app. Sign in to Sun Alertz on the web to know more of it or send HELP to 2555 using your Sun mobile.

This is a very convenient service from Sun and I think I would become a Twitter addict (not so much of Facebook since I hate the apps, Twitter is simpler).  Of course every update will cost you P1.00.  But you can subscribe for unlimited service and receive updates from your friends in your mobile for 1 day (P15), 7 days (P50) or 30 days (P150).  Just be ready for an inbox overload if you’re following too many friends.


From Kenna:

For Facebook

1) Log-on to your Facebook account.
2) Go to http://apps.facebook.com/sunalertz and install it.
3) Make sure to complete your mobile verification process.
4) To update your status, text FB to 2555. P1/txt.

For Twitter

1) Log-onto your Twitter account via mobile by texting LOGIN to 2555 for free.
2) Twit/update status by texting TW to 2555. P1/txt.

Available in Pay-Per-Use and UNLIMITED subscription!

• BUY 1 –P15/day
• BUY 7 –P50/7 days
• BUY 30 –P150/30 days

Text to 2555. For example; BUY 1 to 2555.

Text HELP to 2555 for free info on SUN ALERTZ! GET IT now


3 thoughts on “Update your Facebook & Twitter using Sun Alertz

  1. This is interesting. But it is kinda expensive to receive and send messages at a peso mer message. 😦

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