AI8 Top 5: It’s the nicest show this season


It’s Rat Pack night and the Top 5 contestants got to be ‘standard’. Primarily, they sang songs from the songbooks of the so-called Rat Pack – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford. Obviously, no one is expected to be that ‘standard’ since as we all know, they need to be more of who they are, to be original and contemporary and not do a copy cat, karaoke performance. I expected very nice, more subdued performances that anybody could swoon over and we got it in general, except for Adam and Danny who obviously did scream their hearts out tonight.

Kris Allen – The Way You Look Tonight The Way You Look Tonight was first featured in the film Swing Time with Fred Astaire and won an Academy Award for best song in 1936. It was popularly performed by Frank Sinatra and a host of other great singers covered it. Lately, the most popular cover is that of Michael Buble and from which Kris Allen’s performance of the song can be best compared with. As ever, it was very Kris Allen and not Buble-ish. I particularly like how he changed the tempo right after the first half of it. That part is very Kris. Overall, it was the best opening performance for the whole season. I don’t know what came with Simon (maybe he was comparing it Buble) when he said the performance was “wet” (omg, I have dirty thoughts on that!). But I have to completely agree with Paula – it was nearly IMPECCABLE – and that came with the way Kris looked tonight. I love the falsetto finish.

Allison Iraheta – Someone To Watch Over Me One of the best songs ever and one of my favorites. This Gershwin song is a jazz standard that has been performed by many artists including Jean Louisa Kelly in 1996 movie Mr. Holland’s Opus. After that performance in the said movie, I could never forget that song. I admire Allison for trying to be faithful to the original and playing everything down. But there is something lacking in the performance – the innocent longing for a knight in shining armor – that which would draw men worthy to shepherd an innocent and lost lamb. She looked 16 (just turned 17 actually) with her ‘prom dress’ but she still ‘rock’-ed the song a little bit. She may be the last woman standing and I think it will be her last performance on the show tomorrow night.

Matt Giraud – My Funny Valentine Oh my! Melinda Doolittle owns this song on Idol (I miss her on the Idol stage!). It is originally a Broadway show tune (Babes in Arms, 1937) and has become a jazz standard. This song was Melinda’s ticket to stardom. But I find it funny to incorporate R&B falsettos to the singing, just like Matt did. Melinda played it straight but with more soul which made the interpretation in its grandest awesome-ness. With all due credit, however, this was the best performance of Matt for the season. It was controlled, well-enunciated and full-voiced performance. Thanks to Jamie Foxx for suggesting the key downgrading for Matt. But! But! But! As it is, Matt is a likely candidate in the bottom 2.

Danny Gokey – Come Rain or Come Shine Another show tune original (St. Louis Woman, 1946), recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1961 and was performed by Katharine McPhee in Season 5. While Kat leaned more on the more pleasant jazz, Danny’s version bordered on screaming. I thought the opening verse was brilliant – soft, more contemporary – not until towards the finish. We know the vocal prowess of Danny. It has been established and he does not have to compete with Adam in the scream category. Overall, it was Danny’s best, he has the standard swag but I actually hated the ending chorus for his shouting.

Adam Lambert – Feeling Good The song is often credited to Nina Simone but it was actually from the 1965 Broadway musical The Roar of the Greasepaint—the Smell of the Crowd and went on to be covered by Sammy Davis Jr and Michael Buble in the more recent years, among other notable singers (Pussycat Dolls did this song also). But Adam’s version is that of Muse, a British alternative rock band. So he screeeaaaammmmmed! I’m tired of listening to it. I did not feel good actually. He has the vocal chops and he doesn’t have to show it off every time. Not all songs are worthy of that “scream”. And yes, the performance was too theatrical – from the all-white suit, his descent from the grand staircase to the play of lights. Nevertheless, he’s the front runner of Idol this season and you know what it means – him and the others. Pimp spot again, eh?

I have to be more objective this time, so my ranking follows:
1. Danny Gokey
2. Adam Lambert
3. Kris Allen
4. Matt Giraud
5. Allison Iraheta

I want an all-male top 4, so Allison should go home tomorrow, before the rock theme favors her next week. But Matt is in very grave danger of being eliminated. Mind him – no more save.

By the way, Jamie Foxx was a good mentor to the Idols.


12 thoughts on “AI8 Top 5: It’s the nicest show this season

  1. Hi White,

    Don’t know why, but this genre sort of bores me, probably because the style is so different from today.
    (& I’m not particularly young either!)

    I want an all-deserved top 4, like I do every year, it’s not important to me if it’s male or female. No discriminating here.

    Anyway, I would agree with ur ranking, except for one, Adam did not do better than Kris -NO WAY. To be fair, his song, his look and his performance was over-the-top, thus not better than Kris. Danny did pretty well this time, but I still would put them at a tie for 1st ranking, Kris & Danny. Kris has a smoother nicer more pure voice tone, quality and style than Danny regardless of the genre or anything else. Danny may have lost some of his clumsiness & gained a little swagger, but not enough to be better than Kris. Kris, as Paula said, has a quiet confidence that screams in a good way how awesome and special he is, and no one else possesses this in the competition, and that’s why he is my #1 always.

    Still, I have a feeling he may end up in the botton 2, because of Simon liking Matt this week, along with his messed up comment that Kris can’t win. If he somehow ends up going home, the judges should feel extremely sorry they COMPETELY wasted their save on Matt. Even with a way to keep the best from going home, the judges blew it. Pretty pathetic.

    • America has voted, Cami G. and they like Kris BETTER than Adam. Which is why Adam in in the bottom 2 and I’m sure his heart was pounding fast.

      • I changed the channel (watch Criminal Minds at same time), so I found out Kris wasn’t in the bottom 2 when I saw Adam still standing & I was stunned!

        I think Allison has the teen crowd BIG TIME, who is mostly who watches, cause I don’t know how after being in the bottom 3 how many times(?), she was in the top 2 this week??

        Paula keeps guaranteeing Danny will be in the finals. That must mean she thinks Adam & Danny final 2, right? I really don’t think Adam will go, since they treat him like a GOD. One bottom 2 doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. In fact, he’ll probably shine (hope I’m wrong) for rock wk, since all them rockers do is scream & screech!

        Kara was so wrong when she said the best thing they did was save Matt! That makes no sense, cause if that was a smart move, he wouldn’t have gotten voted off now, right?! The save was for when the voters got it wrong & the person voted off could actually win the whole thing, not at all what Matt was capable of!!! Kris yes, Matt never! THEY BLEW IT SO BAD, they should have used the save later, when things were real tight & close like at the top 3, don’t u think? I also hope Allison fumbles next time!

        Btw, did u notice how awesome Kris sung the group number?! His voice is so much more pure and smooth and soothing than the rest of them! & how he also was so great in that ad they did, that’s why they showed him more than anyone else? He’s so hot hot hot!!! He really has star appeal, not just more radio-friendliness than the rest. Maybe he actually does have a chance at winning this thing! People may just wise up & I hope soon!!! Usually when I want someone to win this much, it just doesn’t happen, but I’ll knock on wood & keep praying the one I believe is the right one finally wins!

        Kris, bring it BIG for rock! KRIS FTW!!!

  2. It has been long overdue boot for Giraud. Without the judges’ save, he would have placed 7th over-all. And Lil at 6th spot. Then Allison taking no. 5.

    Then the Top 4 should have been Kris, Anoop, Danny and uh…what’s his/her name again?

    Rock & Roll may give Princess Fiona the edge. I hope she fumbles.

    I still want the Allen-Gokey showdown during the Finale.

    I really don’t care much of the ..uh…I forgot his/her name again….

    • Adam! lol

      Next week he will be booted out (I wish!). It will be another not-shocking “shocking” vote off for the Cabaret star. Nevertheless, he will have an album right after but IT WILL NOT BE AS RADIO-FRIENDLY as Kris’s or Danny’s (if he sticks to Standards) or Allison’s (teen choice????)

      • I heard over TMR that the bottom 3 was a shocker while I was slowly cruising along the airport road.

        I thought that the Cabaret star got the boot. It would have been so so so nice.

        But then again, he may end up at the finals unless America gets tooooooo tay-yerd of his screeching.

        • the Cabaret star! luv it! I call him the drama queen horror freak show, that works 2! What I’d really like 2 call him is GONE however! He already thinks he’s won, since he picked the top 2 group when Ryan asked where he thought he belonged, so what we have here is a closet-case conceited Cabaret SUPERSTAR! (How do I fit flamer in there somehow?) Got no anti-gay sentiments, just anti-over-the-top ones 🙂

          Princess Fiona – also good stuff! But it’s actually an insult 2 the martial arts expert, not just ur ordinary ogress!

          my ranking 4 order voted off now:
          1. Allison
          2. Adam
          3. Danny

          !!!!!!!!& Kris FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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