American Idol 8: iTunes popularity


MJ’s Big Blog recently released what’s the hottest in iTunes from the American Idol 8 recordings and performances. Normally, the popularity bars (which is tantamount to the amount of digital downloads) are hidden only for American Idol tracks to keep the public from knowing who’s out in front. But there were times when there would be “glitches”, intentional or unintentional, and the popularity bars for Idol tracks are shown.

After I read MJ’s post, I immediately scanned iTunes store and everything is there except the Idol tracks. Nevertheless, the listings are posted in MJ’s Big Blog and at

krisallen_top7v2disco1I am glad, and I would like to emphasize, that Kris Allen is currently standing in the #2 position in terms of iTunes downloads amongst the contestants, after Adam Lambert. Falling Slowly (studio version) is Kris’s bestselling track and Ain’t No Sunshine and To Make You Feel My Love follow.

At this point, I would like to believe that there might be an Adam-Kris finale instead of Adam-Danny. I am hoping for the best of Kris in the coming weeks. And one more time, screw DialIdol’s techniques.

3 thoughts on “American Idol 8: iTunes popularity

  1. I discovered a blog at dawn where the post Idol episode happens. Interesting site. I have bookmarked it but in my notebook. Linking it tonight. It’s a great find. So much photos, videos, fora among others.

    (Yes I did not sleep last night, watched all the replays when Anoop was booted out. I’m so groggy all day at work.)

  2. Hi i love your blog, found it while randomly surving a couple days ago, will keep checking up please do visti mine if you wish :). Btw yesterday i was having troubles reaching the site. Bye…

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