AI8 Top 7 double elimination, The Arch and ranking change


Change in performance ranking
Before anything else, I would like to change my ranking of the performances last night after watching the whole show for the third time (yes, I always watch the show three times): Kris Allen is a runaway winner last night…I realized. I thought Adam Lambert should only come in second in the originality department last night for this reason: disco is never meant to be sang like a ballad or any other styles and if there will be changes, the beat should be at least maintained. Adam’s arrangement of If I Can’t Have You was original but the whole thing was completely far off the week’s theme and the essence of the song as a disco tune was mashed up.

The third place and so on remain the same.

David Archuleta
Archie is as cute as ever. He sang Touch My Hand. Seeing him again perform made me more excited with his concert with Cook on May 16, 2009.

So who among the Idol alumni would I like to see performing once again on the Idol stage? I think I already miss Katharine McPhee AND MELINDA DOOLITTLE!

The Results
The bottom three were Lil, Anoop and Allison. As clear as crystal, Lil’s elimination was kind of overdue and was sent home immediately. Matt was, again, given his third chance to prove himself which I think would be in order and was saved from sitting in the bottom 3.

Between Anoop and Allison, I would have preferred the former to be saved this week so it would be an all-male cast in the top 5. On the other hand, Anoop’s performance last night was not as strong as Allison’s to generate more votes. But Anoop was going home with Lil, so no more pink vests and stubbles for him. As I have expected, Allison is the last woman standing but she’s going home next week.

Top 5:  One girl standing

Top 5: One girl standing

The elimination of Lil and Anoop has made others to rant over the ‘racist’ America – Lil being Black and Anoop being Asian. But people of the world, let’s not sensationalize that matter. Their elimination is warranted by their poor performances. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

12 thoughts on “AI8 Top 7 double elimination, The Arch and ranking change

  1. i agree. disco week should be “disco” like. otherwise, why make themes.

    i think idol should make it clear the purpose of a weekly theme: is it see the contestants’ versatility or their originality.

    • Hi iRonnie. Yeah, a theme is a theme. Why should they put it there if they will let the contestants do whatever they want just like Adam? What David Cook did last season is a different matter and in the first place, he did not completely digressed from the themes. He just made the songs his own. And as a friend would say, there is only one David Cook.

  2. I am crushed! If it’s any consolation, Anoop is the last to be eliminated amongst the wildcard picks, am I right?

    I’m playing all of AD’s recordings at work all day.

  3. it was bittersweet for anoop being the official 6th placer. it was good because it proved that he is indeed wayyyyy better than Le Sanjaya and it was bad cos I thought he could have swapped places with matt g.

    but all in all, AI next week would sure be a lot of fun still!

    • Bittersweet? Anoop was actually disappointed and anyone could see it in his eyes during the farewell video montage. Matt is just fortunate but I also like him. But I am sorry to say that Anoop is far, far, far better than Sanjaya, not even comparable with the looks. hehe

  4. I think the themes are a waste of time. The contestants who were chosen because they skew country or rock or pop are rarely around to shine when their genre comes up; and it doesn’t tell us what kind of artist they will be anyway (to use Randy and Karla’s rationale). Poor Lil never could fit into the box they made for her and Anoop is only really good at crooning the slow stuff. Still they will both do well now that they have been on Idol. I also don’t think the less experienced contestants should be mixed in with the ‘pros’. Archie and Allison are the exception, but most are no where near an Adam Lambert, a David Cook or a Melinda Doolittle in artistic maturity. Time for a new Idol – just for the ready to make a CD crowd.

    Speaking of Archie – poor Archie! See what happens when a great vocalist has to deal with mediocre material forced on them by their record company? Thank goodness Melinda did not get that fate. She has a CD that showcases her voice brilliantly!

    • Wow! Another Melinda backup! wohoo But you’re right about Melinda’s CD. I think she ought to show up at Idol once again and bring in some good stuff, eh? I am also a fan of Melinda. She’s great!

      About Archie, I think his vocal chords were tired when he performed in the recently concluded results night. He was just tired or his voice is kinda changing. Well….

    • I bet you’re a Melinda fan. I am too! She’s great and I think there’s no one like her in Idol who has the grace and proficient singing. She should perform again in AI!

      About Archie, I bet his vocal chords are very tired already during his performance in the recently concluded results night. But I don’t think his song was mediocre since it was good in the record. He was just tired, I think, from his concerts/shows everywhere.

  5. hey man. it’s me again. kris was the best this week, huh? hehe. YAHOOO!

    i envy you for actually having the chance to attend the archie/cook concert. i don’t have enough money for the gold tickets. huhu.


    • Yo ralphgregor! Yes, Kris was the best this week! hehe

      About the upcoming archuleta/cook concert, there are cheaper ones actually but you just have to be contented with the distance from the stage. hehe

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