500 and WordPress is acting weird


Every time I log in to WordPress, I usually go direct to my Dashboard and then the summary of my blog’s statistics to check on the comments that I have to approve, and my visitors.  I noticed, however, that the count is only one hit instead of the five figures since I last checked it. But when I opened the summary tables, the count is complete and updated. But why the differences? It’s weird. I just thought that there are some technical problems being experienced on the WordPress’ end.  After a couple of hours, I noticed that the count again appeared but is less than twenty hits as compared to the figure in the  summary tables.  Hmnnn…there really is something wrong.  Calling WordPress peeps! Help!

And then here’s to my surprise: this is already my 503rd post since I started blogging way back in December 2007. That’s awesome! Well, that number includes those non-sense posts. Haha! And a new header image was just in time.

From Whitelight Musings to Hodgepodge Musings to A Can Of Coke. There’s not much difference between the three blog titles actually but I thought the latest is more interesting. The mention of “Coke” in the blog title has no ‘marketing value’ (read: advertisement).  I just love the softdrink actually.

So for the next 500 posts, er 497 posts-
1. Of course, there will always be American Idol. If you’re tired reading about my blabbers over the US show, then it’s up to you…
2. Lea Salonga and any updates about her is a staple. I used to copy-paste her Backstory column in The Philippine Daily Inquirer. But I decided to just link it (have you seen it?)  in my sidebar.
3. I am not a follower or has not seen any episode of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), except S1’s finale with Paul Potts. That was the case until Susan Boyle surfaced. Actually, I found another singing protege from the show. I’ll just feature it in the coming days.
4. Occasional movie reviews might be in order. Hmnnn…I don’t watch just any movie and I tend to go for the less popular.
5. I might have exhausted my picks for new and future album releases at this time (which means no releases interest me), hence, I have not posted for quite a time on this category.  If I’m up to it, I would post some music album reviews.
6. It’s been a long time that I haven’t written anything more personal or insightful. It’s difficult actually nowadays. I tend to focus more on my work. I’m sure I’ll have the time. I should, right?
7. As was my original blog in Blogspot, I used to post random musings on just anything that might interest me. That may have to come back. I think.

So there. I am actually smiling while writing this post since I challenged myself for a 500-word entry. Is it 500 already?! Well, by the time you finish reading this sentence, there are already 503 words.


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