AI8 Top 7: Disco fever


Disco fever. Yeah, it’s Disco Week for American Idol 8 but some of the contestants did not make my feet move to dance, even just a little bit. Three of them tried to change the song to suit their styles and one failed. The other two really surprised the hell out of me with their own interpretation of disco classics. Besides inviting us to dance with them this week, I saw stubbles with the guys, except Adam.

Lil Rounds – I’m Every Woman (Chaka Khan)
I thought Lil is better modeling for wigs. She opened the show and yes, it was nice not until you’ll hear the rest of the contestants. I think I forgot her after the show. That’s how forgettable her performance was And she’s pitchy from beginning to end which I think stemmed from the fact that she did not connect with the band. She’s heading home tomorrow. Simon was correct – we lost her.

Kris Allen – She Works Hard For The Money (Donna Summer)
This was brave. Kris does not stop in surprising most of us. We know he did some magic in the arrangement of his songs week after week and this time, he managed to create something new to a popular disco tune and a Summer song at that. Expectedly unexpected! The soft, cool groove he brought out from his acoustic version is so Kris Allen and a sure hit on the dance floor. And OMG! Would you like Kris to “shop around ladies’ underwear”?! Or Simon’s? lols

Danny Gokey – September (EWF)
I thought Danny would sing September and he did! He was growling from start to finish. I love the song with its clean vocals and growling most of the lyrics did not make me jump dance. Nevertheless, the performance was okay and as always, more pimping from the judges, especially from Paula. But Simon has a good punch – he did not get any star power out of the performance. Haha!

Allison Iraheta – Hot Stuff (Donna Summer)
Another Summer cover. Allison did slow down the song a little bit to create a rock edge out of it. I thought she failed on that. I feel there’s something lacking in the performance of Allison since last week. She’s beginning to be bland in contrary to what the judges have been saying about her. She might be in danger to be in the bottom 3, but she’s definitely be the only girl standing after tomorrow.

Adam Lambert – If I Can’t Have You (Yvonne Elliman)
Is the original a swing tune? But Adam turned it into a ballad instead. He pulled it off, for the most part, showcasing his vocal range but I really would like him to stop screaming. That scream in the middle of the chorus is a pain in the ears. He should have reached his notes clean, no screaming, which I think would give him another ‘unexpected’ moment and more vulnerability. Overall, it was brilliant and I really like the blue ray lights.

Matt Giraud – Stayin’ Alive (The Bee Gees)
I thought his song choice this week is a response to his save the last time. He made the song sound more funky and he still has those signature R&B runs especially at the end. He sounded good but I guess it was just an okay performance for me. The voters might put him again in the bottom 3 tomorrow. I should think so.

Anoop Desai – Dim All The Lights (Donna Summer)
A third Summer cover. Pimp spot. But I’ll just put my comment this way – his performance is okay but I like his facial hair more. His stubble might attract more voters to keep him from going home tomorrow.


That’s it!

My ranking –
1. Adam Lambert
2. Kris Allen
3. Danny Gokey
4. Allison Iraheta
5. Anoop Desai
6. Matt Giraud – will be eliminated
7. Lil Rounds – will be eliminated


4 thoughts on “AI8 Top 7: Disco fever

  1. Have yet to see this tonight, I’m so excited, I just so love this genre.

    From your review, will comment:

    I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan (and Whitney covered this) was a monumnetal hit. The powerful voices of Khan and Houston doing this track are incomparable. So you’re saying Lil didn’t do justice? I would not be surprised. I just want her home.

    She Works Hard For The Money – Now this is disco! And a guy singing this must be totally monumental! Good for Kristoffer Neil!

    September – An EWF signature at Faces! People get wild when this gets played. It should fit Danny’s tone. But wasn’t it a good performance? Good enough? Not good enough? Forgettable? or Indulgent?

    Hot Stuff – A very sexy track for discophiles like me. But a rocker singing it? Ok, I’d have to wait and see.

    If I Can’t Have You – Yvonne Elliman’s version is swing, well slow swing. Not the kind you’d see performed on Denny Terio’s “Dance Fever” where the guy in tight shimmering pants flips the girl up in the air then catches her and swirls around the floor then taking off her shiny skirt exposing a new costume — in tanga–at the middle of the dance. Lambert singing it as a ballad? Ok so he is really TRYING to do a COOK. But once is enough. And can anyone remind him what disco is all about? NO BALLADS!!!!! (ok, let me catch my breath…)

    Stayin’ Alive – Best sung in falsetto. Did Giraud do it? There is nothing R & B in the lyrics and the melody, is there?

    Dim All The Lights – I am not familiar with this Summer track, maybe one of the less popular once in the 70s. (But how can I not know???) As long as Anoop ain’t at the bottom, I’ll feel good. Heck, the stubbles alone with the tossed hair is enough. 🙂 Weeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    Just a thought….What if Scott was still in the running? What could he have sang? And how will he gyrate on stage? I surmise he’d have back up dancers and at the finale, his back up will lift him up in the air and….oh never mind.

    • OMG! Your comment is longer than my own post. hehe

      Lil Rounds – yes, she did not do justice to the song. And as I’ve said, her notes are all over the music staff!

      Kris Allen – I just so love his performance. He made some changes to suit his style but the tempo is still there. That’san objective assessment, plus a little bit of “kilig” factor. Just a little bit. lol

      Danny Gokey – where’s Faces? lol Was that a disco bar? And yes, Danny’s performance is good enough but way too below from the performances of Kris and Adam. He should’ve lessened his growling so that the song would fly.

      Allison Iraheta – just bland. Not a hot stuff. She made a rock out of the song and it’s dragging it.

      Adam Lambert – now your description of the dance is hilarious! hahaha it’s like a production number. But nope, Adam did not do any of that. I could not even recognize the song when he sang it. The arrangement is good but he should have let out his “broadway voice” on that take. It would have been very pleasant. I guess, it meant to be a rock ballad but if he’s saying that to a woman or man screaming, definitely, he can never have either of two. 🙂

      Matt Giraud – yes, he did a lot of falsettos. But the overall performance is just so-so.

      Anoop Desai – I know you’ll go gaga over Anoop’s look. He wore pink in a beige coat. I think it’s so Pink! But he really looked good. The song was one of the lesser known disco tunes from Summer – 1979.

  2. My ranking disco week:

    1. Kris
    2. Danny
    3. Lil
    4. Adam
    5. Anoop
    6. Matt
    7. Allison

    Allison ranked lowest cause I love Donna Summer (grew up in disco era), but of all her songs, Hot Stuff is the one I like the least, and Allison’s slower rock version made it even more unpleasant. She makes every song a rock song each week and her song choices are never ones that I care for to begin with. She bores me & even irritates me with her growling. At least Danny’s growling is to good songs. Danny picked a great song and made it his own and put everything into it and that is why I ranked him 2nd. Lil picked an awesome Chaka tune and I think she sung the heck out of it, despite her being on the judges sh*t list for many weeks. Adam messed up an awesome disco tune, one I really dug when the Bee Gees were the thang. This to me was a carbon copy of the slow unknown song he did 2 wks ago, which was great but this one was just a repeat. His voice is very strong and nice, but I just feel he ruined the song by ‘ballading’ it and making it sound exactly like his other ballad, therefore UN-original IMO! Anoop and Matt really tie for 5th or 6th, since they both did an alright job with their songs. I can take Anoop’s voice more than Matt’s, as Anoop has a fullness that is soothing, whereas Matt has too much and too grating of a vibrato for me.

    So, who WILL lose tonight? Much as I want Allison to disappear, she ain’t going nowhere. Paula tells practically everyone (but Lil) they are staying or in the finals & I hate that – everyone can’t be in the finals! So going home will be Matt or Anoop & DEFINITELY Lil, since the judges have pushed for her departure for weeks.

    Oh & if you’ve noticed my pick for winner this week (and my pick for winner of it all) is the incomparable KRIS ALLEN!!! He has solid soulful angelically beautiful vocal stylings EVERY TIME. He never screams, growls or grates like everyone else does at times – even precious Adam!

    Well, those were my 2 cents. (more like 102)

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