AI8 Top 7 Performances: Who flopped?


This week’s American Idol theme is Songs of the Cinema and I flopped with my song choice predictions. Got two songs though – I Don”t Want To Miss A Thing – but it’s Allison who sang it and not Danny and Everything I Do I Do It For You, which Anoop did and not Matt.

Anyhow, who among the Top 7 flopped with their movie theme songs this week?

1. Allison Iraheta – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith, Armageddon)
A good way to start the competition this week but there’s something lacking for me especially in the verse. I guess I’m used to Regine Velasquez singing it and David Cook. Performing first is like a curse unless you create some magic which Allison failed to do. She might see her Armageddon in the bottom 3.

2. Anoop Desai – Everything I Do I Do It for You (Bryan Adams, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)
In contrary to what Anoop is trying to establish, that being a R&B artist, Kara thought he found his place in soulful pop category. His rendition of the theme song of Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves is actually emotional but still it did not create some goosebumps in me. The song is not pure pop. It’s supposed to be in the rock-y side. I think Mr. Tarantino is correct in suggesting to rough up the song a little bit which Anoop did not do. Overall, it’s a safe performance for him.

3. Adam Lambert – Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf, Easy Rider)
He is wild. He is outrageous. He knows how to engage his audience which is very expected for a theater person. But I hate metal.  By the way, I remember his song most with the film Borat.

4. Matt Giraud – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? (Bryan Adams, Don Juan DeMarco)
Now this is a good song from Don Juan DeMarco but I don’t think it is for Matt. The song is challenging on the lyrics and Matt forgot some of them. I think Matt is trying to be a rock star but he can’t do it. He will be in the bottom 3.

5. Danny Gokey – Endless Love (Lionel Richie/Diana Ross, Endless Love)
He played it down this week and no eyeglasses. It’s a straightforward, solid performance but it’s a bit of a bore in some parts.

6. Kris Allen – Falling Slowly (Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova, Once)
I think Kris made a good song choice, an Oscar winner for best original song in 2007 – picking an obscure song that rightfully suits him and ‘un-obscured’ it. He really has a way of making any song he picks to sound mainstream. But I bet there are some out there who would not like his song choice unless they’ve watched the movie and listened to the multi-awarded soundtrack.

7. Lil Rounds – The Rose (Bette Midler, The Rose)
I was right. Pimp spot. She needed it but still failed. She made a gospel version of the song which did not give her her needed “moment”. She did fairly well I think but not good enough to save her from being in the bottom 3. If her fans would forget, she might be going home tomorrow.


My ranking:
1. Kris Allen
2. Danny Gokey
3. Adam Lambert
4. Anoop Desai
5. Allison Iraheta
6. Matt Giraud
7. Lil Rounds

So far, Quentin Tarantino is the most sensible mentor there is for this season.


5 thoughts on “AI8 Top 7 Performances: Who flopped?

  1. Early DialIdol ranks myKris lowest, again.

    Idol shouldn’t dare eliminate him before the likes of ROUNDS, DESAI, IRAHETA, GOKEY and GIRAUD!

    But whatever, right. Lambert will win anyway. Yay for team Adam! 🙂

    • M, I don’t care about Dial Idol’s prediction since Kris Allen did very good as compared to Gokey, Iraheta, Rounds, Desai and Giraud. The predictions are very flawed which was proven last week. They are just coincidences. I think it is statistically improbable. A hype. But if Kris will be in the bottom 3 tomorrow, I will be very disappointed with American Idol itself and the American voters. And when Kris will be eliminated, I know he will be saved by the judges. That’s for sure. Otherwise, tomorrow will be the last time I will watch and follow AI.

      Kris FTW!

  2. so you’re saying AD will be safe this week with not-worthy performances of Rounds, Giraud & Iraheta. please, please, please say yes…..

    i still don’t want Lambert to win.

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