Star-spangled Charice


I got this video from Charified.  I don’t know what to say actually for Charice – the singing is not as awesome as what I’ve heard from American singers and I could not reason out a Foreigner singing another country’s national anthem.  I don’t think this same situation would happen here in the Philippines, at least, none that I know of has happened.  I think it’s just that America loves to hear their national anthem in a stylized, ‘heartfelt’ singing no matter who’s holding the microphone.

I am proud of Charice as a Filipino given her present stature but I would be prouder if she sings Lupang Hinirang instead in the midst of an international audience.


13 thoughts on “Star-spangled Charice

  1. hahaha.. you’re funny.. so just how many studio recorded-> good american singers you’ve heard? you musical genius you..

    whew.. you must be like a high class professor from juilliard school of music..

    wow can i have your autograph?

    • Who are you talking to, shameless?! Do you ever read and understand what’s written and being commented here?

      And yes, I’m a musical genius. 😉

  2. she did sing Lupang hinirang at a fight night event and would have been glad to be picked to sing at Manny’s last fight but he chose Ladiva. Give the kid a break why does she have to do what anybody want’s.

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