Despite some work concerns and personal issues, I woke up early today with a happy disposition which came with my resolve last night to start the week with a more positive attitude. But circumstances would challenge that resolve. It’s a more stressful battle than I thought.


Working in an environment where people just don’t care enough for others and their only source of bread and butter? I would allow indifference at some points of my professional life but most of the time I would strive for excellence in what I do; I don’t stop at being “good enough”. I’m sure such efforts will not be ignored by your peers, much more by your boss. It works for me all the time. But I can’t seem to find real, convincing reasons for some people to even demand more rewards when, in fact, none of those they deserve.


I really respect people older than I am, even when I possess more “power” over them. But respect is not enforced, it is earned. I actually despise people who treat themselves as god and infallible. Raising your voice will never generate that respect you wanted.


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