The time has come for Megan Joy to go home


megan-joy1Being consistently “not in touch” with the competition that is going on, Megan Joy becomes the 9th placer of the 8th season of American Idol and bid goodbye this week. In her own words, she doesn’t care anyway. All she cares now is she’s going home to her baby.

Megan’s voice and personality is unique. This is the primary reason why she was sent back to the competition by the judges during the wildcard round. And the judges believed in her talent more than anything else. But for some reasons, she kept on choosing the unlikely songs for her and performing under par. Maybe she has a vision for herself as a singer and not trying to win the competition.  Nevertheless, she’s in the competition and she has to compete. That is not arguable. It is the way it should be.

But she failed the judges and much more, her fans who saved her in the past three weeks.  I still like her though.  I hope she gets to ink a record deal someday.

The bottom 3 this week are Megan, Allison and Anoop. Simon (in behalf of the other judges) was saying that only one is worth saving. Of course, that is Allison. But we all know that Megan is the one who will go home and she did.

I’m still wondering when would the judges exercise their save prerogative?

Who's next?  Will it be Scott now?

Who's next? Will it be Scott now?

David Cook performed his second single Come Back To Me. He rocked the house big time.

Lady Gaga? It was quite a number. Adam Lambert can do that more interestingly! Haha.

Next week, the contestants will be singing songs from the year they were born.


5 thoughts on “The time has come for Megan Joy to go home

  1. He will outperform Lady GaGa if he’ll wear one of her suits, and put a ribbon made of hair on top of his head. That’s how. I bet he’d look prettier than her.

    Sad about Megan.

    Judges’ Veto power will save Allison. Her time is near. Dun Dun Dun…

  2. Who is Lady Gaga?

    I’m sad Megan is gone.

    Read somewhere that the judges didn’t even let her sing one last time before deciding not to save her.

    I am beginning to hate Lambert.

  3. saludo ko kay adam kung magpeperform ako na nakadamit ni lady gaga! hahahah!

    Gogo gaga! hihihhi

    sad, di ko na nasundan ang AI, nawalan na din ako ng interes!?

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