Music Picks: Future Album Releases 13



12 thoughts on “Music Picks: Future Album Releases 13

  1. I heart Mandy Moore but what a fugly shot. The leaked tracks though are gems.

    Jewel’s looking pristine as always. I’ve listened to her SOTR cover. It’s like listening to Jewel’s Pieces Of Me days. 🙂

    Is that Shania’s pre-retirement album? Why the “last time…”?

    • Is Mandy Moore trying to seduce anyone? lol I still have to listen to “leaked” tracks though. Is Amanda Leigh her alter-ego?

      Jewel’s Lullaby sounds like Pieces of Me days.

      Shania’s album I think is the “first time” for a long time and the “last time” before she retires? That’s how I understand it. 🙂

  2. Wen s the release of amanda leigh album in the philippines?nationwide or around manila only pls inform me the latest news.thnx

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