AI8 Top 9 Studio Recording


Taken as a whole, the 9 recordings is a bad compilation. It’s something that only two or three of the tracks can be worth listening to. Taking into consideration each of the contestant’s individual recording merits, I would say that Matt Giraud and Lil rounds did better recordings.


1. Caught Up – Anoop Desai
His vocal register in the recording is no doubt good but the whole track is boring. He is not Usher. Anoop’s version is bland. But it’s a little better than his actual performance.

2. Turn Your Lights Down Low – Megan Joy
I actually enjoyed listening to her. There’s something in Megan’s voice that’s exciting. Her recording is way much better than her actual performance where her pitch was everywhere. I don’t like how the whole recording was engineered. It sounds remastered.

3. What Hurts The Most – Danny Gokey
It is good but it lacked the intensity of emotion that Danny let go during his live performance. Hence, it is very plain but it’s not country-sounding. On another note, I just realized I like the song.

4. Don’t Speak – Allison Iraheta
Her phrasing is brilliant but it sounded copy cat from the original, including the voice itself.

5. Just The Way You Are – Scott MacIntyre
Ooooohhhhh….boring, boring, boring. It’s just uh! So old!

6. You Found Me – Matt Giraud
Now this is something. The judges said he sounded like the original during his actual performance. His studio version is actually much better than the original. I think Matt sounds great in this genre – rock-alternative. And his voice is very flexible – can be soul, pop or rock – and still sound great. But he better decide which one.

7. I Surrender – Lil Rounds
This is the sound I was waiting from Lil – Whitney! She sang a Celine Dion song but she sounded like the heyday voice of Whitney. Her high notes are just effortless and her low registers are just as solid. I think the judges should stop pimping her to be like MJ Blige because she can do better than her. Her recording is I think the best here and her best so far. This could be a cut from her future album.

8. Play That Funky Music – Adam Lambert
The whole recording is funky. That’s all. I’m tired of listening to Adam’s shouting.

9. Ain’t No Sunshine – Kris Allen
I am a bit disappointed with it since it has the shortest track length among other recordings. A little bit over 2 minutes? And I don’t like the sound of the drums. But Kris still delivered just like his actual performance.

From best to worst recording:
1. Lil Rounds
2. Matt Giraud
3. Danny Gokey
4. Kris Allen
5. Allison Iraheta
6. Adam Lambert
7. Megan joy
8. Anoop Desai
9. Scott MacIntyre


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