Mandisa’s Freedom


mandisa-freedomIn two years, Mandisa, 9th placer in American Idol Season 5, proved to be a very bankable Gospel and Contemporary Christian singer. Her debut album True Beauty treated us with soulful vocals and contemporary gospel sounds. This time, her 11-track sophomore music album Freedom is even more contemporary that could be mistaken for one of those most popular albums in the mainstream pop. The uptempo tracks are hip while the ballads are moving that showcase the ever big voice of Mandisa.

Freedom‘s first single is My Deliverer and being the first track, it introduces us to what the whole album would be like: soul, R&B, groove and meaning. The single is very radio friendly. As the song would say, there’s no pretending with this single since it is still the same Mandisa with great vocals while crossing the line with ease from a standard gospel music to a more groovy, popular sound.

One of the outstanding tracks is How Much which is a fitting follow-up groove track to My Deliverer. The power gospel ballad Not Guilty is just amazing – Mandisa has beautifully sang this piece; uplifting words and her voice just soars in this song and it is the type of gospel ballad that you would listen to over and over again. There’s a contemporary country vibe in the melody.

Definition Of Me is an R&b track and sounds like one song that is most likely to be recorded by Beyonce. It actually sounds like one of the songs of Sasha. Dance, Dance, Dance is so much fun but the message of the song is still intact: there’s so much reason to dance when the rain is over. I want to dance with Mandisa on this one. It’s not like any other dance tracks I know of.

The last three tracks are all ballads and ends with a fitting and a very touching Broken Hallelujah. It’s a straight up ballad and worship song complementing Mandisa’s gorgeous vocals and is sure to be resonating in your mind and heart after listening to it. A pretty good way to end the album.

Freedom is a solid sophomore album that anybody would find enjoyable to listen to. The mixture of uptempos and sure fire ballads is all worth it. It can be a refreshing soundtrack to this year’s lenten season. I hope there’s more to come from Mandisa, the “divine diva”.


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