Experiencing John Legend Live in Manila


I had an opportunity last night to watch live John Legend‘s concert (Evolver World Tour) at the Araneta Coliseum. Not really full packed but when my friend and I entered the venue, we were greeted by the site of Geoff Eigenman who obviously lost a significant amount of body fat. He really is thinner now. Then came from somewhere is Cherie Gil, Geoff’s aunt, who seemed to catwalk through the place with a spaghetti-strapped dress. We were trailing after them to our seats. Voila! We were on the same row and just a few seats away from where we should be.

More celebrity sitings? Actually, yes. A number of them. Who is that close-up girl (surname is Laurel…)? I forgot her first name. She was the most enthusiastic among the local celebrities for JL. I would have preferred her to come up on stage when JL asked for a little “sweaty dancing” since she also sings. She was actually volunteering herself but was not chosen.

Then there’s Mico A????? (an Anime dancer), Jericho Rosales and Victor Basa and JR Siaboc who were standing behind us (I was actually tempted to take some pictures of them and with them). And the controversial Jomari Yllana, too, just right after the show. Chris Tiu was with a woman, presumably his girlfriend, who was asked by two girls for a picture with him. I was actually standing in between them and almost got caught in the middle and bumped on Chris.

I was actually distracted by those celebrities. But the true celebrity of the evening was John Legend himself. He was awesome and it’s been a great opportunity to watch him sing live. It’s his first time here in the Philippines and he seemed to be contented and happy with the concert turnout. I lost count of the number of songs he sang and there were a couple of medleys of which most of them I am not very familiar with. I should have listened to his albums during the day just to refresh me of his songs. Then again I have not done it because of work load in the office and all my songs and album collections are in my iPod touch which, unfortunately, was not charged.

Overall, the concert was so simple that the people focused more (except for a couple who seems to be enjoying petting in front of all those people) on John Legend strutting his awkward dance moves on the stage. I bet he is not a good dancer or worse, don’t know how to groove. His moves were really awkward. But when he sits down on the piano (btw, he also stood up on top of that same piano), his one-of-a-kind voice just reverberates throughout the Dome and that almost reminds me of the old school R&B. He has a pretty good number of following here in the Philippines. If you’re one, buy his Evolver album. It’s good music.

There were five songs that I am expecting JL to sing and hear that night. One of those is my current favorite, If You’re Out There (included in the Evolver album). I was a bit disappointed, however, that even after his encore performance of his hit Ordinary People, I hesitated to leave right away expecting another encore. But there was none. Sad. Consoling myself, I got to hear him sing This Time and Green Light live!

So here’s the only decent picture of JL I took with my friend’s camera phone…

John Legend The Eovlver World Tour - Manila, March 26, 2009, Araneta Coliseum

John Legend The Evolver World Tour - Manila, March 26, 2009, Araneta Coliseum


4 thoughts on “Experiencing John Legend Live in Manila

  1. Wow cool! I envy you! Not only did you get to go to a John Legend concert, you were also able to see a lot of celebs.

    I love John Legend! We’re actually using one of his songs for our first dance at our wedding.. I’ll let you guess which one…?

    • Hi Kar. Congratulations on your wedding…I bet it will the most beautiful day of your life. 😉

      First dance song? I’ll guess – So High (John Legend, Get Lifted album). I have two other guesses actually but this one seems to be the most appropriate.

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