AI8 Top 10 Performances [Update]



Is this Adam Lambert?!

Looks like the Motown week did not serve well for most of the contestants. Lil Rounds, who I expected to be very good this week, did just fine (read: safe performance) but it was the performance closest to what is the week all about. Michael Sarver should better be ‘begging’ for votes since it is now his turn to go this week.

Adam Lambert did a good job with The Tracks of My Tears. He was subdued this time in contrary to what he did with the Ring of Fire last week. It was THE best performance of the night as Simon corrected Kara and I agree.

Trailing Adam is Matt Giraud who did just as well as last week. And Kris Allen! OMG! He’s just getting better and better every week. I would consider Matt and Kris to be two tough contenders for the finals, at least, at this point.  Anoop Desai got good energy and good vocals.

BTW, Danny Gokey was a ‘gawk’ with this performance and Allison Iraheta got the ‘pimping’ this week.

Bottom three? Scott, Megan and Michael. Michael should go home. It’s overtime already for him…

More later…


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