Fog of brain*


After I sound off my phone’s alarm, here’s what’s going on in my head whenever I wake up in the morning:

It’s morning! hmnnn (set alarm to snooze then heads back to sleep).

It’s still dark…hmnnnn….(where’s my ‘hugging’ pillow?)

I need to get up and prepare for office but my head is so heavy.

I feel I’m going to be sick. But I have a lot of things to do in the office. I’ll just text later.

Yawn…yawn…yawn….hay….(staring blankly at the ceiling then dozes off again)

I want to listen to Josh Groban first…to set my mood.

Ahhhh…my body aches. I’ll rest a little bit before getting up.

Isn’t it Saturday yet?

I’m still not in the mood to press my office clothes. Not yet. Hmnnn…hugs…hugs….the pillow.

No wonder I am always late for work.

*Fog of brain from Steve Pavlina.


2 thoughts on “Fog of brain*

  1. i am guilty of hitting the snooze button!

    i have a trick for this though.. i set my alarm to about 15mins earlier than when i actually have to get up so that i have the luxury of hitting snooze and i trick myself by thinking i am getting 15 mins more sleep!

    it’s all about the psychology my friend.. =P

    • Hi Kar, yeah, it’s about psychology and I do the same trick also but most of the time it does not work for me. 🙂 Well, it takes a little more practice and discipline.

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