AI8 Top 11 Studio Recording: Kris Allen’s TMYFML a standout


Kris Allen did it again! I (objectively) think his recording of To Make You Feel My Love is magnificent and exudes the same kind of vulnerability and sincerity as it is when he sang it live. It’s the kind of music and voice that I would play over and over again in my iPod. I guess his was the best recording so far amongst the contestants since the Top 13 recordings and even surpassed his Remember The Time.

Surprisingly, the eleven recordings does not sound country in general. The personality and musical style of each of the contestants, for the most part, were showcased in each of their songs. There were a couple of songs, however, that could render you to sleep.

Here’s my ranking of each of the singles:


1. To Make You Feel My Love – Kris Allen – THE BEST! (and I’m sharing it here!)
2. Always On My Mind – Anoop Desai – very pop and great vocals
3. So Small – Matt Giraud – soulful
4. Jesus, Take The Wheel – Danny Gokey – it’s the song that I like! haha
5. Jolene – Alexis Grace – she sounded good and I like her interpretation but she’s voted off already
6. Independence Day – Lil Rounds – good vocals but she sounds like Fantasia in some parts of the song
7. Ring of Fire – Adam Lambert – weird take of the song but it’s not that scary as he sang it live; still good vocals though
8. Blame It Your Heart – Allison Iraheta – somber now
9. Walkin’ After Midnight – Megan Corkrey – cabaret-like but I like her enunciation and still, her voice
10. Wild Angels – Scott MacIntyre – boring
11. Ain’t Goin Down (Til the Sun Comes Up) – Michael Sarver – rubbish! He should have gone home instead of Alexis.

Next week’s theme is Motown.


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