AI8: No saving ‘Grace’ from the judges



It’s the second results show and it should be Michael Sarver who should go home this week. Alexis Grace has a lot more potential than Michael. Comparing the performances of each yesterday, Alexis edged out the oil-rigger. But America might have reacted to the on-going “top 4 fixing” rumor and Alexis was the unfortunate sacrifice. Lucky Michael, he would join the Idol tour this year.

The judges thought Alexis was one of the contestants they would consider betting their saving prerogative. But her Jolene was not good enough to save her. No ‘saving grace’ after all!

So, should the elimination of Alexis put a stop to the circulating rumor about the top 4? For a moment, I breathed a sigh of relief and somehow restored my confidence for the show. But I am totally disappointed with the elimination of Alexis.

PS: Carrie and Travis’s performance was taped.


2 thoughts on “AI8: No saving ‘Grace’ from the judges

  1. I’m not happy with the theme.

    I’m not happy with the results.

    I’m not happy with this turbulent day at work.

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