AI8 Four-some? WTF!


I just don’t get it. I’ve been reading ‘gossips’ that,well, might have a tinge of truth: the top 4 is already fixed for American Idol Season 8. I won’t mind the quad (Lambert, Gokey, Rounds and Grace) who will be in that fixin’ but I mind big time the rigging that is going on, if any,not only for American Idol but for any other competitions. That’s foul in any manner.

Knowing the ratings-hungry producers of AI, that ‘gossip’ might well become a ‘real’ news item and usher the breakdown of the show’s credibility.


6 thoughts on “AI8 Four-some? WTF!

  1. ILOVETHEFINALFOUR. πŸ™‚ Sana tama yung hula ko… wait… tama nga. Hehe.

    Apparently, the finale will be between Grace and Gokey. Love for Alexis! πŸ™‚

    I was planning to do an expository about this. Naks. Hahaha. Yun, I believe that the producers of the show have ‘control’ over the results, albeit they seemingly don’t. Sobra naman naive ng mga taong naniniwala na purely based on votes yung winners ng AI. It’s not even entirely about talent. Rather, it’s about the potential of the contestant to rake in profit.

    Cook won because he’s more marketable than Archuleta even if the latter’s performance was short of flawless, especially during the finale. The same goes for Sparks. Hicks won because of a glitch. I think it was supposed to be Daughtry but he was voted out before the people behind the show could do anything. Fourth season was a no brainer – Bice never really stood a chance against Underwood. Ever. πŸ™‚

    It’s hard to tell but I definitely don’t foresee longevity in Lambert’s career should he win this season. He’ll be like the well-groomed yet less talented Aiken. There are too many r&b divettes in the industry nowadays so Lil Rounds may not be the most wise option. Dnkey, Taylor Hicks? Kris and Megan, eye-candies. As for the rest – Giraud, Desai, Iraheta, that redneck guy, and MacIntyre – they don’t have that star quality. Iraheta, probably, but how many Clarkson/Pink/Lavigne do we really need? (What I want is another Pussycat Doll, lol.) So there, Alexis Grace FTW.

    Bow. XD

    • Mak, ang haba… πŸ™‚ Pero let’s see. Now that this smoke has gone out of its container, I bet AI will do another twist on that. As I’ve said, if those 4 are really the pre-ordained ones, then so be it as long as Kris Allen will be no. 5 LOLS. I think they deserve it based on their individual merit and NOT because AI pulled them up.

      It’s time for AI to re-position itself and be the most credible SINGING COMPETITION if that is their true purpose… hehe But that would relegate them into the sidewalks of showbiz and television. Nigel would be begging then.

  2. If this is true, I sincerely hope they get caught, and AI gets trashed or cancelled. There are so many shows out there that have the reputation of being “fixed” and it really ticks me off, because I invest my emotions in these competitive reality shows, and the feeling of being cheated just sucks. This is precisely the reason why I don’t like it when shows are attacked for “fixing”; I tend to be the strongest defender for a show I really like.

    It’s a crime in the States to fix game show results; it has a very popular precedent (21 Questions? the quiz show from which Quiz Show starring Ralph Fiennes was loosely based on?). So I won’t believe it, and keep on believing that the people are actually deciding on this. Yes, producers may lessen screentime, screw up the arrangement, or place Gokey, Lambert, Rounds, or Grace in the Pimp Slot every single time, that’s fine. That should be the extent of their power. Actually fixing the Final Four? I call bullshit on the producers if it’s true, bullshit on the rumor if it’s not.

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