The new iPod shuffle: Smaller and talking


ipodshuffle_image1_20090311Apple recently released the new iPod shuffle. So 2G is out and that means mine is already obsolete. I haven’t used my shuffle to its maximum since I bought an iPod touch a few months after it was given to me as a birthday gift. Nevertheless, I would still hold on to it because of its ‘sentimental value’. This also reminds me that I should sync it with my MB. I haven’t. Still. Haha.

So what’s changed with the new iPod shuffle?
1. It got even smaller. According to Apple, it is the world’s smallest music player and its vital statistics are 1.8 inches tall, 0.7 inches wide, 0.3 inches thin and weighs 10.7 grams. Wow! Can you still handle it?

2. The controls are located on the right earbud cord. Like that of a Nokia cellphone? I’m not impressed. I would still want to hold the iPod when I need to change a music track. The standard Apple earphones are sleeker.

3. VoiceOver feature – it just says the right thing and it comes right from iTunes seamless integration with the iPod. See more of this awesome feature here. Much more: the VoiceOver speaks 14 languages!

4. Larger room for more songs with the 4GB storage capacity. This is great considering how small the iPod is.

5. The body is made of stainless steel and with anodized aluminum case that comes in two color variants – silver and black. Is this correct? Or the body is really made of anodized aluminum? Hmnnn…reminds me of “unibody” thingy.

6. This is much cooler than the VoiceOver: Shuffle. Straight. Stop. Shuffle – flip the iPod to the left, and your music shuffles for a “whatever happens, happens” flow. Straight – flip it to the middle, and your songs play in order. Stop – flip to the right and it turns off automatically. Cool!


6 thoughts on “The new iPod shuffle: Smaller and talking

  1. I don’t get it… so you flip the iPod towards the left will shuffle the songs, keep it upright and it will play in order and flip it right will stop…? does flipping mean to tilt it left or right? wouldn’t that be affected by how you put the shuffle in your bag or pocket?

    anyway, it’s cool that it’s so sleek and small and can still fit 4GB of songs.. maybe i’ll check it out the next time I pass the Apple store.. not too sold on it yet but we’ll see…lol

    • Kar, that’s a good thought! hehe As I understand it, it will play in order as long as it’s steady in one place or in a certain position. It will shuffle I think if you tilt it to the left from where it used to play in order and will stop if you tilt it to the right. The point is, the reference position will be the one where it’s steady for a period of time since I don’t see the point of that feature when in the first place, it is portable or designed for mobility. 🙂 The iPod will change the function in a certain degree of angle from a certain steady position.

      I don’t really get it either but you can have a demo in an Apple store. 🙂

      • Yea, maybe I’ll just check it out the next time I pass the Apple Store… MakMak’s right.. what happens when you do the hokey pokey? Hahahahaha!

        I think the next gadget I should purchase is a digital cam with a built in video cam.. I’m dying to get one of those..they’re just so darn expensive!

        • Hi Kar, I was drafting a post last night about the pros and cons of the new iPod shuffle…but it remained a draft since I’m still waiting for some reviews by the Mac users…you might get some good infor there hehe

          digital cam cum video cam?! wushu! LOL

  2. What happens when you do the hokey pokey and you shake it all about? Hehe. La lang. 😛

    I like it but I think I’d still go with Nanochromatic or whatever.

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