It’s Grand Ole Opry next week on AI


So it’s set. It is the Grand Ole Opry theme (Country, in other words) next week on American Idol Season 8 and the remaining 11 contestants will try to recreate the  songs of Opry members such as 2005 AI winner Carrie Underwood.  Season 8’s farewell song is Carrie’s Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue) and below is her latest single I Told You So, originally by Randy Travis.

Travis and Underwood will perform a duet of the song during the second results show. Brad Paisley will also perform his new single Then.

More of the Grand Ole Opry here.

PS:  I got a good feeling about Megan Corkrey performing well next week.


11 thoughts on “It’s Grand Ole Opry next week on AI

  1. Idol’s farewell song this season is Home Sweet Home by Carrie Underwood. She’ll just be performing her latest song on Idol.

    Next person out would be Michael Sarver, regardless of performance.

    Speaking of which, let’s play a game! 🙂 Predict the order of elimination for the remaining constestants. 🙂

    • Hi Mak! Thanks for the correction. It is Home Sweet Home nga. Blunder. lol That’s why I could not connect the song in the video with what I heard during the farewell moments this week.

      And yes, I agree, it would be Michael Sarver who would be out next week.

      Game? hehe How would you like it?

      • Ganun. Let’s predict the order of elimination.
        Here’s mine.

        Top 13 – Jasmine Sullivan [got this right! :)]
        Top 12 – Jorge Nunez [and this too! :)]
        Top 11 – Michael Sarver
        Top 10 – Anoop Desai
        Top 09 – Allison Iraheta
        Top 08 – Megan Joy
        Top 07 – Scott MacIntyre
        Top 06 – Matt Giraud
        Top 05 – Kris Allen
        Top 04 – Alexis Grace
        Top 03 – Lil Rounds
        Top 02 – Danny Gokey*
        AmIdol – Adam Lambert*

        *Not a fan but I highly doubt if any other finalist can gain a fan base as big as these two.

        • Mak! 🙂 I was actually planning of something more statistical in nature but the King had it published ahead of me. 🙂

          Anyway, here’s my prediction:

          Top 13 – Jasmine Murray (not Sullivan) – got this right also
          Top 12 – Michael Sarver, but Jorge Nunez was eliminated first, so I’m wrong
          Top 11 – Jorge Nunez (obviously this is wrong)
          Top 10 – Megan Joy Corkrey, if she’s outstanding in the Grand Ole Opry catalog. I just want her in the tour. 🙂
          Top 9 – Anoop Desai, he’s been getting very negative reviews from judges and the voters might get tired of saving him
          Top 8 – Matt Giraud
          Top 7 – Scott MacIntyre
          Top 6 – Allison Iraheta – she’s great for a 16 yo but I begin to be tired of listening to her, so the voters might feel the same way
          Top 5 – Alexis Grace
          Top 4 – Kris Allen – he’s getting a lot of voter support. I think he is also versatile, so he can do anything
          Top 3 – Lil Rounds – I should put her in the final 2 mainly because of talent but has lesser voter following than my top 2
          Top 2 – Danny Gokey – his style in singing is reminiscent of Taylor Hicks, so I don’t think America might buy that again
          Idol – Adam Lambert – a sensation both in performance, singing style and his personal life.


          • hehehe, Mak, it’s not my final fearless forecast! It might change depending on their performances in the following weeks. I’ll have my “final fearless forecast” after Top 5. LOL

  2. ay kailangan ba mag predict?

    ayaw kong manalo si lambert.

    but then again, di ko alam kung sino gusto ko manalo.

    though AL & DG are strong, I’d like to give it to KA or AG.

    But I still like AD, hoping he’d land at the Top 5 or 6. Wag lang Top 7 below kasi lalabas mas magaling pa si Sanjaya Malakar!!!!

  3. I actually like AG to win as well. I really like her voice and attitude. Para kasing fresh yung dating niya unlike AL na sobrang refined na pagdating sa stage. Dark horse material talaga.

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