No. Not that traffic you’re thinking. That traffic sucks! Hehe. I am actually referring to the number of hits (translated to views) that this very blog is getting.

It’s been two weeks since I migrated to WordPress and I did not regret it. Though what I could do with this blog is limited by the free features of this site, I am nevertheless, and still, satisfied.

I remember last year when one of the bloggers who used to frequent my blog in Blogger told me that readership is the least of my concerns as a writer. That’s right. But I am not a “writer” and I don’t write “F’s” which is very deceiving. I am just a plain blogger who wishes to share a piece of my mind and interests to the world through the net. In fact, I never considered myself a writer, never a good one. But I am critical of blatant grammatical and spelling errors.

Why I am a bit concerned with traffic? For one, I just wanted to validate my decision of migrating to this site. Another is I really want to know if this blog is worth sharing and reading at the same time; let’s face it, the blogosphere is very much concerned with that. And one more thing – indulgence.

The number of unique hits I received currently is unmatched when I was in the other site. In two weeks, my highest number of hits was 474 in one day, thanks to Anoop who got in as the 13th finalist in the on-going American Idol competition, and I average at least 100 hits a day, translated to approximately 3,000 hits in a month. Hehe. It’s way too low as compared to other blogs but I consider it a feat for me. I never experienced that. So I guess, it was a good decision to migrate after all!

As I said, it’s indulgence. And walang MMDA dito.cropped-coca-cola_inverted.jpg




See you when I see you…White out! (hmnnnn, familiar?) LOL


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