Jasmine and Jorge went home first



Jasmine and Jorge eliminated, 11 remaining

Based on the performances last night, I thought it’s gonna be two among Jasmine, Megan, Jorge and Anoop who will go home first: Jasmine is just not ripe for the Idol stage, she was consumed by it; Megan chose a song that somehow complimented her quirky-ness but definitely not the right song for her; Jorge’s performance is forgettable; and Anoop was ‘beaten’ by Beat It and the judges.

So I have been right about the bottom four and Jasmine goes home first while Megan was given another chance to prove her worth.

Jorge and Anoop, after Kelly Clarkson’s awesome performance of MLWSWY, were on the spot for the elimination. Obviously, Jorge performed better than Anoop last night but the Dawg still maintained his likability (at least for me) despite the performance setback. I was actually crossing my fingers with the announcement and I really clapped my hands to my delight that Anoop was saved. You know, this thing about the ‘Indian sensation’ going on?

I hope that Megan and Anoop would redeem themselves next week.

By the way, AI introduced another twist in the eliminations. The judges already exercised their SAVE prerogrative with Anoop during the wildcard round rounding up the finals to 13 contestants. For the following weeks, at least before the top five, the judges may opt to save a contestant with the lowest number of votes. I think that is just fair for a very promising contestant who has lesser following than the rest. We’ve seen the shocker in the Daughtry elimination before in Season 5 and Melinda’s during Season 6. I also think Season 7 has its share of ‘mis-voting’ with the likes of Michael Johns and Carly Smithson.

So now the judges will have but one chance of overriding the elimination and it has to be unanimous. The catch, however, is that in the following week, two will be eliminated. I bet it’s an extra pressure for the contestants. The judges reserved their prerogative for the weeks ahead.


5 thoughts on “Jasmine and Jorge went home first

    • prince ced, 2 agad kasi nga dapat di ba 12 lang finalists? i believe it is an exception kasi naging 13 sila at para maging exact na 11 by episode 21 next tuesday. 🙂

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