AI8 Top 13 Performance: Adam Lambert nailed it


It’s funny that a majority of my song choices from the Michael Jackson’s catalog were sung by the Top 13. As if… Well, the contestants have a lot to choose from the songs of Michael Jackson but they are for Michael and Michael only. His songs are kind of ‘untouchable’. I am actually a bit weary about some of the contestants like Jasmine and Megan if they can pull off a Jackson song. And OMG, somebody sang Beat It!

So the Top 13 sensation will end tomorrow night at the results show – they’re going to eliminate two contestants with the lowest number of votes. I’m afraid for some of them just like Season 7’s Beatles-themed week. AI really has a way to rattle and isolate some of the contestants they don’t like. But then again, it’s a big challenge for all of them. And here goes –

1. Lil Rounds sang The Way You Make Me Feel and I felt I was disappointed with her rendition at first which was too plain for me but her second part saved her from being totally bland. Nevertheless, I think she did a good job but it was too safe. I am still thinking about the “Uh-oh” of Kara.

2. Scott MacIntyre did Keep The Faith and he’s behind his piano with a shaky vocal. But what’s with the comment of Simon: “It’s fine being artistic but not on this show”? What could a good artist be doing without being ‘artistic’? Hmnnn…

3. Danny Gokey‘s P.Y.T was funky. Paula has her early final 2 prediction with Danny. Well, his performance is the best so far and his voice just don’t let him down. His style in singing is very original (for this song) as well as his ‘dancing’ but the latter is far from outstanding. He might consider enrolling in dance crash lessons. Lol.

4. Kara’s praise of Michael Sarver for his capability to sing is going overrated. We’ve always heard him sing Gavin DeGraw and this time You Are Not Alone brought out the R&B swagger (in Randy’s words) in him. I think he is safe for another week with this performance.

5. Jasmine Murray‘s I’ll Be There (one of my favorite songs from of old) draw out very critical reactions from the judges. I agree with Simon, however, that she’s having a hard with the big notes and that was already seen in the Top 36 and Wildcard rounds. I think she still has that stage jitters, being one of the youngest in this year’s finalists. I like her actually but I’m afraid she may have to go tomorrow.

6. Randy called Kris Allen‘s rendition of Remember The Time as “very Jason Mraz-y”. I agree, except for the guitar. We all know that he could perform well with his guitar BUT I think his Man In The Mirror is still better. I bet he’s still safe after this performance and he’s still hot even if he’s already married! Haha.

7. Allison Iraheta goes overboard from being a popsy rocker and showed signs of strain in her voice with Give In To Me. And yes, she’s pretty good considering her age, 16.

8. OMG! This is what I was afraid of – Anoop Desai chose Beat It and was totally ‘beaten’ by the judges’ rather harsh comments. Simon being regretful of including him in the finals? I think it was just an unfortunate week for Anoop. He’s still likable and talented and I know his fans will surely keep him in the competition. This is what happens when the week’s theme totally butchers a contestant’s chance of winning. I hope he would have the same ‘staying power’ as that God Bless America contestant last season. What was her name?

9. I am not familiar with Never Can Say Goodbye that Jorge Nuñez sang. It sounded ‘bad’ as implied by Simon. Will he say goodbye? Let’s see.

10. Megan Corkrey sang Rockin’ Robin and again showed her quirky moves. But the judges were not quite ‘rocked’ by her song choice. She might not have given her best performance (too bad) but I still like her!

11. Adam Lambert‘s Black or White is very compelling! His was the best performance of the night. His background of Broadway discipline shows up every time he’s on stage and so far it’s doing him good. He still has that outrageous vocals and unprecedented so far in this season regardless of the ‘mockery’ of his talent over the net. Paula hinted another final 2 prediction for Adam.

12. Matt Giraud’s Human Nature is good, but not totally solid. His falsettos falter and I won’t buy Randy’s comparison of Matt with Robin Thicke.

13. Alexis Grace goes Dirty with Diana. I like her attitude. So now I am really noticing her. There’s not much with the song she chose but definitely she is a performer. She keeps on rockin’!

I am beginning to dislike the first week of performances, yes, since Season 7. It makes me sigh. So it might be Jasmine or Megan and Jorge or Anoop who will bid goodbye and I have to bear it.


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