American Idol Top 13: LIL ROUNDS


Lil Rounds Top 36 PerformanceI don’t think anybody could forget the name LIL ROUNDS from Memphis. Impressing the judges since she first auditioned in Kansas City for Season 8, she just continues to amaze me, and I’m sure everybody else.

Tagged by Randy as a cross between Fantasia and Mary J. Blige, watching her perform on Idol stage actually makes me reminisce the same journey of Fantasia in Season 3 and Melinda Doolittle with the soulfulness of her singing. But I guess these are futile comparisons since Lil is unique and definitely different as her Top 36 performance of MJB’s Be Without You rocks more than the original. Any violent reactions? Haha.

Her three children call her ‘American Idol Mama’. I think that’s more than enough for Lil to pursue her dreams and what’s best for her family. I believe there’s no greater motivation to succeed than the full support of one’s family. And I’m sure that’s where Lil took off. In a conference call with reporters last Thursday, she said she chose Blige’s song because “it really does remind me of my husband. I think of my children and my family. I just feel like people can relate to the fact that, when you have close ones to you and loved ones, you know, you think about how special they are to you. You don’t want to be with out them. So I felt like that would be a really, really good song for everybody to relate to, and it’s a song that I felt came from my heart to my family.” That’s why the ‘soul’ every time she sings is just overwhelming.

After her performance with the last group of Top 36, Lil proved to everybody that she’s in American Idol to win. Performing last is quite nerve-wracking but Lil brought the house down with her best so far and probably the best for this season paving the way for a spot in the Final 13. That’s why it is a must to include in this post her Be Without You performance:

I think she is the best female contestant for this season and I bet she would erase the sensation created by and for Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey with her performances in the Final 13. I believe in her pure talent and that she would go a long way in the music industry. Just watch out!

America has another diva in the making! Go Lil!

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