OMG! It’s Top 13 for American Idol 8!


This is history for American Idol and the judges NEEDED to bring in one more into the final bunch.


Here are the results for the Wildcard and will be through to the TOP 13:

1. Megan Corkrey
2. Jasmine Murray
3. Matt Giraud
4. Anoop Desai – he must be that LIKABLE and TALENTED that the judges can’t just let him go! I bet! Yey! Yey! Yey!

It must be the year for the Indians. Yes?

More of this later…I’ll have to work. 🙂 I am excited for Anoop!

16 thoughts on “OMG! It’s Top 13 for American Idol 8!

      • Hehe. Sorry for the uber-late reply. It’s actually a kind of joke among my friends. Yung i-re-relate yung dalawang bagay na wala namang tlaagang relasyon. But on second thought, di ba magka-pamilya yung ox at cow? Am I right? Di ba the Indians worship the cow? Hehe. La lang.

    • Mak, yes, no Von. Jasmine Murray still did not live up to my expectations though I kind of like her from the start.

  1. sabay ulit????

    oo nga, it’s India’s year everywhere. I’m sure they’ll shine in July, September and December. He he he….

    • Joe, I think the changes that they implemented this season has something to do with the “chaos” as you have said. As I understand it, they’re struggling with the ratings that they have to bring in somebody or something interesting. The changes are interesting actually but shows a lot of inefficiencies.

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